Road to Absolution (Dogs of Fire #3)

by Piper Davenport

Road to Absolution


Carter ‘Ace’ Quinn has spent his life running from the rage caused by a broken heart. After several tours in the Air Force, and continued missions as a para-jumper, he spends his down time within the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club. Cassidy Dennis is living with a choice she made years ago that lost her the love of her life but gained her something more precious. However, she misses her best friend and longs for the love they’d been building. When a chance meeting brings the two together, will they put aside their hurts and forgive each other? Will the jealousies of outsiders force the two apart?

My review

I was really surprised at the way this story revealed itself, the history of these two characters kept me turning the pages until my eyes could no longer stay open.  The emotion and passion of Cassidy and Ace was just spot on by the author especially considering their history.  Can I say the sex scenes in this storyline were simply fantastic and did get me a little hot under the collar !! Ace did not really make much of an impression on me in the first two books so it was interesting that I simply adored and loved this man by the end of the book – so well done Piper Davenport, you made me fall in love with another one of your Dogs of Fire men. Loved the action and second story of unwanted affection by another person and thought it was played out really well with action, mystery and having all those alpha men looking out for Ace’s family was exciting. There was a great section with Cassidy’s sister Mia and I am posting the conversation below, I actually laughed out loud in my work lunch room as I was reading this section during my lunch break – Mia was a fantastic sister to Cassidy and her family made this story even more enjoyable.

“He went and got fuckin’ huge.” “Tell me about it.” “Big dick?” “Mia!” I knew I was beet red. “What? It’s a logical question. Did him getting bigger increase or decrease the size of his cock?” “How would I know?” “What do you mean? You haven’t seen it?” I rolled onto my back and ran my hands down my face with a groan. “Ohmigod, Mia. No, I haven’t seen it.” “I’d have hoisted my sail up that mast and sailed the seven seas, or twelve. Let’s go with twelve.” “Ohmigod.” I giggled. “It’ll happen. I just want to take it slow.” “Then fast, then slow again.” “Mia!” She giggled as well and then took my hand. “He better do it right, Sass.”

Excerpt From: Davenport, Piper. “Road to Absolution.” iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.

So again this group of men have captured my heart and taken me on a ride with them in finding love, family and repairing a part of their soul in the process.

Road to Absolution (Dogs of Fire #3)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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