Rounding Third

By Michelle Lynn

BR Rounding Third


I was destined for stardom. 
From the age of seven, I was an all-star. 
Parents praised me, coaches worshipped me. 
As I got older, girls begged for me. 
I was Beltline’s baseball God, guaranteed to put this small town on the map. 

Then, after one night, that future vanished. 

The legend was laid to rest. 
I gave up my scholarship. 
I fled from Beltline. 
I left the girl behind. 

Now, I’m back.


ROUNDING THIRD was the first novel I’ve read from Michelle Lynn, and I’m sad to say I didn’t enjoy it.  I didn’t realise this was going to be a college/young adult romance when I read the synopsis, and for me, college romances can be really hit and miss.  I did finish the story, but I struggled to get into it for a few reasons.  I often found the behaviour of the characters to be a bit childish and petty; there was a lot of drama, a lot of pushing and pulling, catfights over boys, bitchiness between teammates, and games played by Crosby and Ella to make the other jealous.  Sometimes I couldn’t make sense of the conversations and sometimes I felt the conversations were choppy.  The details about “that night” aren’t explained until the 44% mark, but up until then it felt like it was alluded to in every second thought Crosby and Ella had, and that became annoying pretty fast.  Finally, I was quite disturbed by the scene where the baseball team uses a cutout of a naked woman, throwing balls at her breasts and vagina to settle bets.  I could be wrong, but I just can’t see a coach or team getting away with that kind of thing in this day and age.

ROUNDING THIRD is told in dual POVs and appears to be a stand-alone, although I do feel that the story was left open for some of Crosby’s teammates to get their own stories.  The story is a second-chance romance that  finished with forgiveness and a HEA for Crosby and Ella.

Rounding Third

My Rating:  2 Hearts

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