Rough Justice (Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club #1)

By Sarah Castille


As you know throw in a Hot Biker, Stubborn Independent Woman, Up against the Wall Sex, Humour and Loyal Friendship and you have me hook, line & sinker.  This is a story of finding justice from a rough life and seriously Arianne has endured it all.

Rough Justice gives you that plus so much more, to say I cannot wait until book 2 for Cade and Dawn’s story is a serious understatement, this series is going to be winner and I can tell as I have read my fair share of biker books!

This story centres around Jagger and Arianne, I mean Jagger or Jag as he is know is the President of Sinner’s Tribe and is just sex on a stick.  He commands the room and Arianne reads him to perfection and they compliment each other.

Arianne just happens to be the daughter of the President of the rival MC club and is planning on running away from her psychotic father and club.  He is so freakin scary, every time he came into the story I literally shook to my core!  Arianne also loves motorcycles and happens to be a mechanic – so is independent – I loved her character to bits.

Arianne has a great core group of friends outside of the club who are helping her become a free spirit and were one of my favourite components of this story and Dawn is her girl friend, co-worker and flat mate.

The sexual chemistry between Arianne and Jagger was off the charts and freakin wet your panties stuff and very well written.  The suspense and supporting story of the rival MC gangs, drug and gun trade adds some extra drama and entwines the ending into a great conclusion.

The other fantastic part of this book is the supporting characters within the clubs, there were quite a few but it did not feel overwhelming or too much like some other books so well done to the author for meeting that balance.  I can remember them, what positions they held and their parts in the final story of finding justice in life.

I am sure Jagger and Arianne will play a role in book 2 Beyond the Cut and Book 3 Sinner’s Steel – I have already added these to my Goodreads list as do not want to miss these bad boys when they get released.

Rough Justice (Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club #1)

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