Room For You (Cranberry Inn # 1)

By Beth Ehemann

BR Room For You


Kacie Jensen has one main priority in her life: raising her twin daughters, Lucy and Piper. Ever since her ex—the girls’ father—vanished four years ago, Kacie’s sworn to keep her head in her studies and her heart out of trouble. Moving back home to her mother’s bed-and-breakfast had seemed like the best way to start over.

But when hockey star Brody Murphy washes up on the front steps of the Cranberry Inn during a raging storm, he awakens a hunger in Kacie that she’s long forgotten…and he opens her eyes to a life she never thought was possible. With so much more to lose this time around, can Kacie trust her heart to make the right decision?

Room for You is the sweet, tantalizing first novel in bestselling author Beth Ehemann’s heartwarming Cranberry Inn series.


After reading a slew of new books recently, I felt like returning to an old favourite.  And after reading ALEX (Cold Fury # 1) by Sawyer Bennett, I was in the mood to reconnect with my number 1 hockey book boyfriend, Brody Murphy.  So out came my copy of ROOM FOR YOU, book 1 in the Cranberry Inn series.

First things first, and I’m just gonna put this out there, the cover model is freakin’ hot.  I mean, look at him.  Have you looked at him yet?  I’ll give you a minute.  I’d make room for him any and every day of the week.  To use a funny quote a good friend once told me, I’d kick him out of bed, only so I could fuck him on the floor.  Damn.

Ok, back to the actual review.  After all, that’s what you come here for right?

ROOM FOR YOU is about Brody Murphy, NHL MVP and goaltender extraordinaire, and Kacie Jensen, single mother of twin five year old girls.  Kacie lives and works at her mother’s B&B which is where she meets Brody after he gets stuck during a terrible storm.

The connection between Brody and Kacie is immediate.  Brody falls in lust and realises very quickly that he has to take his time with Kacie, not just because of her past, but because he knows she’s special and unlike any woman he’s ever met before.  It takes him a while to convince her to give him a chance, and when she does, it’s so worth it.  Unfortunately, Kacie’s head and heart are too focused on events from her past and she ends up pushing Brody away.

I truly love Brody.  He is one of the sweetest men I think I’ve ever read about.  There’s no horrible back story that’s turned him into a mean SOB that you’re just dying to fix.  He’s not a womanising jerk despite never having been in a relationship before.  Nope, what you see is what you get: a mamma’s boy with a lot of love to give.  He is just so god-damn sweet.

“I cleaned up okay, huh?  On a scale from one to ten-”
“Six hundred fifty-two.”

I loved Kacie too.  Her daughters are absolute angels and there’s so much love there between Kacie and her girls.  I understood where she was coming from and why she was wary about a relationship, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to scream at her for being so stupid with Brody.  Especially when you could see how much he loved her and her girls.

So in case you can’t tell with all my gushing, I really love this book.  The characters are well written and so easy to connect with.  The pace of their romance was just right, with nothing moving too fast or too slow, especially given Kacie’s reluctance.  There are gaps of time throughout the book, but not once did I feel like I was missing something, it’s just that nothing happened during those times.  There were the perfect amounts of drama, sadness, sex, excitement, happiness and humour.

“God, those dimples might be the death of me.  They were like two little secret weapons perfectly placed on his cheeks, ready to strike at any moment and bring you to your knees.”

So if you feel like reading a nice, romantic story that leaves you with a happy heart, ROOM FOR YOU is for you.  Oh, and if you want the lead guy to be a hot and rich sports superstar, then this is definitely for you.  But be warned, there’s a slight cliffhanger at the end, but book 2 is already out so you won’t be shocked for too long.

“I wanted you to see that sometimes, even when something terrifies you, if you just give it a chance it’s actually pretty incredible.” 

Room For You (Cranberry Inn # 1)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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