Room For More (Cranberry Inn # 2)

By Beth Ehemann

BR Room For More


Single mom Kacie Jensen’s life completely changed when she met dreamy, easygoing hockey star Brody Murphy and fell into a love affair she’d never imagined possible. Now, it seems like nothing can get in the way of their blossoming relationship—until Kacie’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her twin girls appears after a five-year absence, begging to be let back into their daughters’ lives.

With Brody’s game schedule turning their relationship long-distance, Kacie can keep her ex’s reappearance a secret for a while. She doesn’t want to hide her ex from Brody, but this news could take his head out of the game during the most important year of his hockey-playing career. Worse yet, it could drive her greatest love out of her life forever. Can Kacie do right by her daughters and keep Brody’s heart now that her past has unexpectedly returned?

Charming and enticing, Room for More is the captivating second chapter in Beth Ehemann’s Cranberry Inn series.


ROOM FOR MORE is book 2 in the Cranberry Inn series and continues following Brody and Kacie through their relationship.  Book 1 ended with Zach (Kacie’s ex-boyfriend and father to her twins) bumping into her at the hospital on her first day of work.

Hoping she’ll never see Zach again, she doesn’t tell Brody about seeing him.  But after Zach runs into her several times at the hospital hoping to have a conversation with her, she still keeps it a secret from him.  As more and more time passes, it gets harder for her to confess what’s going on, especially when Zach is worrying about his future with his team.

Their relationship is tested when Brody finds out she’s been keeping Zach’s reappearance a secret for weeks.

My heart broke for a few characters in this book.  For Brody, when he finds out Kacie has been keeping Zach a secret, which came on the back of some rather devastating news he had just received.  For Kacie, when she realises too late that keeping quiet with Brody was indeed a big mistake.  And yes, even for Zach, when you hear his story and how he’s suffered.

Despite his sad story, Kacie does not go easy on him.  She had no problem putting him back in his place when the situation called for it.  And props to both Kacie and Brody for how they handled Zach.  After their initial volatile reactions, both were mature enough to see the big picture where he and the twins were concerned.

And the Twinkies?  Lucy and Piper are just so adorable.

“But I want Brody to be my daddy.  Brody kills all the spiders and he’s really good at tying our shoes, Mom. He should be our daddy.”

There’s just one thing that didn’t sit right with me and that is:  Why didn’t Zach’s family step in to help Kacie after he left?  It seems as though his mother and sister were never involved in their lives, even when they were together.  I don’t understand how they could avoid Kacie and not have a relationship with the girls just because Zach walked out on them.  That just doesn’t sound right to me.

ROOM FOR MORE does not end in a cliffhanger and does have a HEA.  There is another book after this one, a novella called ROOM FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE that continues with Brody and Kacie’s story, which is great because I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of Brody.

“Kacie, I’d drive twenty hours for just one kiss from you.”

Room For More (Cranberry Inn # 2)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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