Rock Stars Don’t Like Big Knickers

By Nikki Ashton

BR Rock Stars Don't Like Big Knickers

Rock Stars Don’t Like Big Knickers is the story of Martha and Luke.  Martha is a 33 year old single mother to a 17 year old daughter.  She has just taken a job as the housekeeper for the property her cottage sits on.  The mansion has recently been purchased by Luke who is the lead singer of Dirty Riches, a very popular band that hasn’t performed in four years due to some personal issues.  Martha is a fan, especially of Luke with whom she went to high school with and she can’t hide her blush when Luke flirts outrageously with her.

I bought this book because the name was original, the synopsis sounded quite funny and interesting, and I thought the cover was really cute.  While the book did have some amusing parts, it certainly wasn’t as funny as I was hoping it would be.  Throw in a psycho girlfriend and some incriminating photos and you have yourself a read that is more bitchy and dramatic than funny.

Overall I found this to be an ok read.  Despite the sex scenes being skimmed over greatly, I thought the chemistry between Luke and Martha was both sweet and hot.  I liked how Luke went from just wanting to get into her pants, to wanting to be her friend while still wanting to get into her pants.  Unfortunately, Luke ran a little too hot and cold for me at times.  The emotions that Martha went through every time Luke hurt her were believable and sad.  Even Luke’s anger and subsequent actions towards Martha when she couldn’t take his words as truth were believable.  I could totally see a man doing what Luke did in order to get back at a woman he feels has hurt him.  Dramatic and totally fucking wrong?  Yes, but sadly believable.  Although the fact that he didn’t apologise to Martha and she didn’t make him was disappointing.  I think he needed to do some major grovelling.

The main downside to this story is that I didn’t get the feeling these people were in their mid thirties.  Early to mid twenties, yes, but not people in their thirties who should know better.  Yes, both Luke and Martha have never been in love before blah blah blah, but I still expected them to act and react differently because of their age.  And Martha calling Luke “Lukey” sounded too childish, and again, not something I would expect from a single mother in her thirties.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Condoms people.  Luke is a rock star in his thirties, has probably had hundreds of women and the first time he and Martha have sex, NO CONDOM!!!  Argh!!!

This does come with a very nice HEA, which after everything Martha went through was very nice to read.

Luke:  “Every time I look at you, you take my breath away, and when I’m not with you I get a pain in my chest that only disappears when you’re around.”

Rock Stars Don’t Like Big Knickers

My rating:  3 Hearts

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