Road to Peace (Dogs of Fire #6)

By Piper Davenport



Widowed young, Maisie Mann was left to raise her daughter alone. Now, nine years later, she thinks she might have life as a single mom mastered. The last thing she needs is to lose that control, or be stranded on the wrong side of town. All she requires is a little roadside assistance and she’ll be on her way. But when her help comes in the form of a gruff but alluring biker, it sparks emotions she hasn’t experienced since her husband died.

Connor ‘Hatch’ Wallace is nobody’s hero. The Sergeant-at-Arms for the Dogs of Fire MC has a bitter past and has sworn off com-plicated, but fate continues to throw the pretty high maintenance blonde in his path.

Maisie has no intention of getting involved with a man like Hatch and, despite her overwhelming attraction to him, pushes him away… until her life, and that of her child, are threatened.

Is Maisie’s only chance of survival in the hands of a badass biker?
Will Hatch be able to put aside his past and protect a woman and her daughter at the risk of losing everything?


This was a fantastic read and I cannot believe Hatch and Maisie have knocked Booker and Dani off as my favourite couple within the Dogs of Fire family.  Maisie was such a soft and warm human being and I immediately connected with her from the first chapter.  Her english accent was interesting and as an Australian so many of her sayings are what I grew up with so I knew where she was coming from.  The term “mutton dressed up as lamb” is a term I use talking to my own daughter all the time!

Poppy was a beautiful part of the Road to Peace particularly for Hatch and I simply loved watching their relationship grow and the ending was just heart warming.  Each of the Dogs of Fire books seems to have a child element that cements the couple as a family and I really love that.

The storyline with her work colleague was one emotional ride and it was beautiful how Hatch just stepped put the plate and cared for his girls.

There was humour, heartbreak and happiness throughout this story and it flowed really well and kept me surprised right up until the end.  I also appreciated finding out the HEA details in the epilogue.

We also get a sneak peak at the next story and I had tears in my eyes reading the few pages – the next story is going to need a box of tissues next to me whilst I read this.  It is Lily’s story who we first met in Book 2 Road to Redemption as Hawk’s gorgeous baby girl – it is going to be one hard read for sure if the sneak peak is anything to go by.

Road to Peace (Dogs of Fire #6)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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