By Heather Dahlgren



Brooklyn Adler has the life she’s planned for. Job, house, and boyfriend – in that order. It’s a boring, routine life where there are no surprises and nothing is spontaneous. It’s safe, it’s mundane and she’s fine with that.

Crosby Fitzgerald, better known as Fitz from the band Renegade, has a life he never planned for. Popularity, women and success – not always in that order. Everything he does is spontaneous and exciting, because life is worth living to the fullest.

A chance meeting with Brooklyn and Fitz alter both of their worlds – ensuring neither will ever be the same.


This is my first book by this author.  I thought this was a wonderful read, we get POV from both two main characters and we even get a little excerpt at the end of the story by Brooklyn’s friend Poppy who created great humorous moments throughout this romantic journey.

I have not been a great fan of rockstar romance but Renegade has changed that for me.

My favourite part of this story was simply following Brooklyn’s growth as a woman and finding her place in life and finally following her dream.  I loved how Fitz helped Brooklyn to realise her full potential as a strong and sensual woman.  I understood and respected Brooklyn for how she dealt with Hank, she kept true to her beliefs and she just did not jump into bed with Fitz.

I thought when she left New York and then the story jumps a month, it was perfect, I as a reader wondered what had happened, we get flashbacks and I simply devoured them and they helped connect the two character back together for their reunion.

The physical and emotional connection between Fitz and Brooklyn was perfect and the romance sexual scenes where just right.

The other favourite part for me was the whole inner family that was Renegade, how the guys and girls were more family than friends – it was great.


My Rating: 4 Hearts

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