Reckless Kiss (Endless Kiss # 1)

By Amelia Wilde


The one thing that obsesses, captivates, and seduces me? Money.

I’m a self-made billionaire, and running my business empire means I’ve got better things to do than bother with women. They can throw themselves at me all they want—I can’t be tempted.

Until my newest executive secretary’s first day on the job.

One glance at her and I forget about spreadsheets and quarterly earnings, because her curves are pure sin. Her mouth is the wickedest distraction I’ve ever seen.

And I swear she’s begging me to f*ck her with those huge, green, innocent eyes.

I’m not just her boss—I’m the CEO of the whole company. I shouldn’t touch her, let alone bend her over my desk and make her moan my name.

And I absolutely can’t possess Vivienne the way I really want to, letting her slake my dark desires.

But I also can’t stay away…

I’m not about to fall for my boss.

Dominic Wilder thinks he can take whatever he wants just because he’s rich and successful…not to mention his chiseled body and intense, dominating glare. Just because he makes me want to climb into his private jet and let him have his way with me right now doesn’t mean I will.

Here’s the thing: I’m not just one of his secretaries…

I’m an undercover FBI agent investigating him, and I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. This mission could make my entire career—there’s no way I’m jeopardizing it for some nice abs and a little whispered dirty talk.

Or even a lot of whispered dirty talk, not to mention his hands all over me, making me feel things I’ve never felt before.

Even one kiss would be too reckless…


RECKLESS KISS sounded like a read that I’d really enjoy, but sadly it fell short of my expectations.  I felt no chemistry between Dominic or Vivienne at all, and to be honest, neither of them won me over, though Vivienne didn’t annoy me as much as Dominic did.

I felt as though Dominic spent the entire story doing two things:
1 – being bitter about how his father became a laughing stock in the business world after he almost ran his business into the ground; and
2 – trying to figure out how he could balance running his business and loving Vivienne at the same time, because apparently doing both is impossible.

I liked Vivienne better, but even she disappointed me.  I was hoping she’d be a kick-arse FBI agent, one who we’d see investigating the case and leading us through twists and turns before uncovering the identity of the person selling the company’s secrets.  Instead, we see her perform secretarial work for most of the story until she figures out who the traitor is at the end, after what feels like five minutes of investigation.

RECKLESS KISS is told in dual POVs and, considering how little time Dominic and Vivienne spent together before declaring their love for each other, I’d classify this as an insta-love.  Apart from my issues with the characters, the story didn’t hold my attention and in a couple of spots I had issues with the timeline.  Going by all the positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, clearly a lot of people have loved this story.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

Reckless Kiss (Endless Kiss # 1)

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