The Reaper’s Sacrifice (Deathmark #2)

By Abigail Baker

reapers sacrifice


It’s been two years since I tried to overthrow Death…

Now, all I have to show for it is a life in exile without my lover and personal Grim Reaper, Brent Hume. He bargained his soul for my safety. If I could get him back, I would, but I don’t don’t have the first idea how. So I live for the night when Reaper’s bring nightmares to the living—and Brent visits me in mine. Doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep, but I’ll take what little of him I can get.

When Death comes calling, sending me into an old foe’s camp as a spy, my inner rebel awakens once more. If I play my cards right, I might improve upon my growing Master Scrivener powers and finally free Brent so that we can be together for good. I know he’ll do anything to keep me safe—even if it means I’ll never see him again. And that scares the Hell out of me.


The Reaper’s Sacrifice is book two in this series and The Reaper’s Kiss should be read first.  The story begins two years after the first book.

Ollie is an exiled scrivener because she helped in a rebellion against head Grim Reaper Marin. She places a deathmark on someone that is getting ready to die so their soul can be ferried over to the Afterlife.  In book one, half of her soul is transferred to Brent Hume, her Reaper and lover. He transferred it in order to save her because now he is the only one that can ferry the rest of her soul.  As punishment for their involvement in the rebellion the are forbidden from seeing each other.  Their only form of communication takes place in her nightmares.  Ollie finds out many truths on her journey and she has to keep her head clear.

This story is action packed from beginning to end.  Throughout the story I didn’t know who Ollie could trust and I was always looking for someone to betray her.  She feared for her loved ones but she never let that fear stop her.  She had a strength in character that kept me engaged.

The Reaper’s Sacrifice

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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