Quinn II

By J. C. Cliff



QUINN IS BACK and pushing the limits on it all — suspense, sex, love, gut-wrenching emotions — with a fiery intense conclusion to his and Lexi’s story. The more Alexis runs, the harder Quinn fights for her.

It’s an undeniable truth; bad things happen to good people, and Lexi is not impervious to the realities of the life she left behind.

Keeping Lexi safe at all cost, Quinn remains unwavering in his duties, constantly putting his life on the line, time and time again.

Two tortured souls are pushed to the edges of their sanity and their love will be put to the test. Tempers flare, emotions burst, and love flickers, but after the ultimate explosion, can forgiveness be found amongst the rubble?

Alexis needs Quinn more than ever…and Quinn must decide if Lexi is truly his fate or if their romance was never meant to survive beyond his mission. One thing is for certain: neither Quinn nor Alexis will be the same after surfacing from the mountain trails. Now that they’ve survived the wild, can they survive each other?

My Review

Quinn is definitely undaunted, he no matter what situation he finds himself in throughout this book is true to himself,  being stubborn, passionate and headstrong.

Considering what he and Lexi experienced with some severe emotional and physical situations they both had to heal individually and fight their way out of the darkness, was really interesting to read how they both overcame obstacles in their way.

I must say I really enjoyed this story once we left the wilderness, when the other characters appeared and we were taken on a roller coaster of action, betrayal and extremely traumatic scenes this just exploded for me.  I loved it, the mob family and how all the secrets were revealed.

The ending without saying too much was simply an emotional roller coaster and I loved it, had me smiling at every page turn with all the romance I was hoping for, I was in that car with Lexi with all fingers crossed hoping for a HEA.


My rating: 3 Hearts

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