Point Of Origin (Legacy # 0.5)

By Rebecca Yarros

BR Point Of Origin


In Legacy, Colorado, our inheritance is simple: Fire and Heartbreak. 
Sebastian Vargas…he’s both. 
He was my best friend. My first love. My everything. 
Until he was my nothing. 
It’s been ten years since the wildfire that turned our small town to ashes, taking the lives of our fathers and their elite hotshot crew. 
Six years since Bash disappeared with my heart. 
No explanation. No goodbye. 
But now he’s home, fighting to resurrect the very thing that destroyed us both. 
One look, and I’m breathless. 
One touch, and he’s relentless. 
And I’m not careful, he’ll burn me to the ground again. 


The town of Legacy is still healing from a wildfire that ten years ago destroyed the town and killed the entire Hot Shot crew with the exception of one man.  Emerson (Emmy) and Sebastian (Bash) were just two of the children who lost a parent that day.  Four years later and after a very memorable night, Bash leaves Legacy and Emmy without a word and never looks back.  Until now.

I liked both Emmy and Bash and thought they made a good couple.  I liked that Emmy stood up not only for herself, but what she thought was the right thing for the town even if that idea was presented by the same man who had broken her heart.  She could see the bigger picture and she put her own issues aside.  I think Bash was a complete and utter idiot for leaving and cutting off all contact with Emmy all those years ago, but in the present, he didn’t play games and he was very sincere and honest about his feelings.

POINT OF ORIGIN is told in dual POVs and is the introduction of a new series from Rebecca Yarros revolving around the new Hot Shot firefighting crew of Legacy.  It was a quick read and I enjoyed it very much, but it could use some editing as I noticed the occasional missing word here and there.  Despite being a novella, it didn’t have that rushed feel to it that some do, although I would have liked to have seen more time spent on two things: the mayor’s involvement in the deaths of the old crew, as well as the financial impact against Emmy’s family due to the town’s bank refusing the insurance payout for a part-time firefighter.  Other than that, I’m looking forward reading the next book in this new series.

Point of Origin (Legacy # 0.5)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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