By Joanna Blake

BR Player


JOCK, SPORT, MEATHEAD, PLAYER. I hate them all. Especially this one. He’s rude, he’s crude and he thinks he is God’s gift to women. 

James Fitzpatrick might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks, but his skills on the football field have brought him fame and glory. Now he’s forgotten where he came from. 

Hell, he’s even forgotten me, the snot nosed brat from next door. So much so that he hits on me when he comes in to eat at the barbecue place I work at to pay my way through school. But the jokes on him when I turn him down in front of all his meathead buddies. No one has ever turned down James. There’s a reason he’s got a rep as being talented on and off the forty yard line. And now he’s determined to make me pay with a pound of flesh. 

Thing is, I’ve got some moves he hasn’t seen yet. It’s going to be a long, hot season. 


How do I describe PLAYER???  Hot.  Sweet.  Funny.  Nail biting.  Frustrating.

Hot:  The sex between James and Nadine is scorching.  He’s had tonnes of experience with the opposite sex and uses it all to his advantage to impress Nadine.

Sweet:  While he starts out as a player, with Nadine he’s actually really sweet; wanting to look after her, keep her safe and make her happy, even though those very actions and desires confuse the hell out of him.

Funny:  I loved reading James’ thoughts.  It’s what I assume a man really says in his head, crude and childish.

Nail biting:  Nadine has had a rough life and it’s not until you’re approaching the end that you find out what caused her to run away from home at the age of sixteen.

Frustrating:  Because Nadine goes back home.  She had a very good reason for leaving and I don’t think her reason for going back was worth the risk.  Because Nadine got upset and left James when she found his condom stash, despite knowing that he was heavily into woman before they hooked up.  Because of the domination scenes, which felt like James was just playing Dom.  The punishment scenes were cheesy and I have to wonder if they were put in just to spice up the sex.  Personally I think this book would have been better if the whole Dom thing was taken out entirely.

PLAYER is a very quick and easy read with short chapters and dual POVs.  If you’re after something light to read that has a HEA, this is perfect.


My Rating:  3 Hearts

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