Pitching My Heart (Love, Laughter & Baseball # 1)

By Karly Morgan & Samantha Long

BR Pitching My Heart 2


After a disastrous date in college, Katryn Winters never wants to come face to face with hot pitcher Weston Dukes again. When she’s assigned the interview of a lifetime by her magazine with the elusive Weston Dukes, what is she to do? 

Weston jumps from girl to girl with no desire to settle down. A previous relationship has left him bitter and cynical. When he’s approached for the interview with Katryn, he can’t help but remember how horribly things ended with their date. What happens when he accepts the interview and sparks begin to fly between them? Will they catch the pitch love has thrown at them or will they both strike out?


I’m saddened to say that I wasn’t a fan of PITCHING MY HEART.  I just couldn’t get into it no matter how hard I tried or how many times I put it down thinking that maybe it was me and I just wasn’t in the mood.  After more than a week of trying and skipping large chunks just to get to the end, I have to accept that I don’t think I was the problem.

I felt like everything was too over-the-top.  The characters were really rude, mean, bitchy, crazy and childish.  These are people who are in their mid-twenties but are instead acting like they’re in high school.  The women seem to enjoy getting into fights and are often threatening physical violence.  I think this was meant to be funny, but it fell flat for me.  There’s a lot of drama revolving around Weston’s ex-girlfriend, as well as a lot of pushing and pulling between Weston and Katryn.  The sex scenes are over so quickly that you’ll miss them if you blink⎯either expand them or get rid of them entirely.  I did like one part of the story, and that was when Weston stepped up and took responsibility for something that happened in his past.

Pitching My Heart (Love, Laughter & Baseball # 1)

My Rating:  2 Hearts

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