Perfect Chaos (Unyielding #1)

By Nashoda Rose




I lie to survive.

Have since I was sixteen and my world fell into chaos. But I found a way to endure, or rather it found me. Now I’m a prisoner of my own doing, hiding behind a false mask so no one sees the truth. Not even the man I want but can’t have—Deck. But I messed up and the lies are spilling over, out of control.

Deck is unrelenting and will settle for nothing less than the truth. He demands everything from me—EVERYTHING—even if it rips me apart.


I kill for a living.

Unyielding—It’s how I survive in my line of work. I bend people to my will…except Georgie.
But that ends now.
I’ve played her game for far too long. Now I think it’s time we play mine. sert Synopsis Here


Firstly what I loved – Deck and Georgie, they were really two characters who emotionally I connected with, their history particularly Georgie’s was just riveting and I loved the darkness of the tale and then all the characters such as Tanner and Kai.  Deck’s team provided great moments of humour when I could feel myself becoming quite depressed about their situation.  The sex scenes between these two was hot, scorching up against the wall sweaty kind of sex you love to read about – brilliant so was not disappointed.

So in my opinion if you have read the series “Tear Asunder” perhaps you would understand all the back stories in this book as I became confused and I found myself trying to figure out all these characters they kept referring to, especially about London and Kai which coincidentally are book 2 of this series.

Perhaps just me but I just found that component really annoying and I thus became frustrated with all the referring back to past stories when all I wanted was to read more of the love story that is Deck and Georgie.

There are some really horrific physical scenes in this book, it definitely is a dark romance.

I ask myself at the end of this will I read books 2 and 3, to be honest probably not as I am worried it will keep referring to people in the “Tear Asunder” series?

Perfect Chaos (Unyielding #1)

My Rating: 3 Hearts

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