Opposing Sides (University Park Series #1)

By C M Doporto

oposing sides

Opposing Sides has me hooked, yes it is the basic college story where good girl meets hot football star she has to tutor and ends up changing her whole course of her carefully planned out life.  I have read a few quite dark and sad romance stories of late and wanted something light hearted and all girl power.  I am so glad I found this, it is a three book series and they are all out which is even better as no sooner had I finished book 1, I immediately when and downloaded book 2.  There was no serious cliff hanger but I simply needed to continue on with all the main characters.

Based in college we meet Lexi a good girl engaged to the good guy Colin, Lexi is still a virgin, was sheltered as a child by her overbearing and overprotective parents and Colin is the pastors son (yes I am afraid their relationship is as boring as watching paint dry).  Lexi is crying out for physical contact with Colin and some type of confirmation they are in love and making the right decision to get married after college.  Kid you not he does not kiss her in public, hold her hand or even show her any public affection.  We also meet her room mate Delaney, her twin brother Luke and then there is Raven who is the football star she has to tutor.

So you get the picture where this is going I will not say too much more so I don’t spoil it.  Fair warning no hot sex scenes in book 1 but you will not be disappointed, the emotional turmoil is just brilliant.

The one part of this first book I loved was the relationship between Lexi and her mother.  Her mother is so concerned with what the neighbours will think and other peoples opinions that she honestly does not listen to her daughter or want her daughter to be happy.  I must say I am really in Lexi’s corner and by the end of Book 1 there was no way I was not going forward as Lexi showed some amazing spirit, strength and backbone to make some incredible decisions.   I found the dynamic of their relationship really intriguing and I can only guess how it will escalate in books 2 and 3 if it continues on the way I think it will.  Fireworks and drama all the way, I do hope her father grows some and stands up for his daughter and becomes her super hero.

So onto book 2, Raven has secrets as does her brother Luke and I still think there is some to come out for Colin as he is too perfect for my liking.

Opposing Sides (University Park Series #1)

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