One Southern Night

By Marissa Carmel

BR One Southern Night


Kamdyn Ellis is the man. 

Mr. All-Star athlete and resident bad boy. #7 quarterback on the field, and #1 player off. 
Every guy at school wants to be him, and every girl at school wants to date him. Well, except Laney Summers that is. The sassy city girl is the only one immune to Kam’s clear blue eyes and arsenal of southern charm. But when a debilitating injury sidelines Kam’s future and ability to play football, it’s Laney who is tasked to be his tutor while he recuperates at home. 

The chemistry between Kam and Laney is undeniable, and after months of ignoring what’s clearly evident, Laney gives in. Allowing herself one night with Kam, no strings attached, no commitment to speak of. Alone, under the stars, on the fifty-yard line, Kam and Laney set out to discover if what they have is real, or just one steamy southern night.


Laney is starting out her senior year at a new high school and immediately catches the eye of the very popular and attractive quarterback, Kamdyn.  Why did I love Laney?  Because despite being attracted to Kam, she kept putting him in his place.  Even at 18 years old, she had too much self-respect to wind up as just another notch on his bedpost (or storage closet wall).  And I liked Kamdyn because as soon as he realised he might actually have a chance to win Laney over, he stopped hooking up with the other girls immediately.

ONE SOUTHERN NIGHT is a novella, so it’s a very quick read that only took me about an hour to finish.  But despite it being a quick read, I thought the story moved at a good pace.  The story does span a few months, but at no point did I feel like I’d miss something important just by blinking.  I liked the quirky banter the characters had both out loud and in their heads.  While the story takes place at high school, Laney and Kam didn’t behave like I expect kids that age to act.  There was a little drama when Laney’s trust in Kam was tested, but other than that they came across as very mature.  The story is told in Kam’s POV, with Laney only getting her POV in the prologue, and while it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger per se, I know their story isn’t finished yet.  I’m definitely interested in reading more about Laney and Kam.

One Southern Night

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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