Numbers (New Species # 14 & 15)

By Laurann Dohner

BR Numbers



Dana is visiting Homeland when she meets a New Species who tugs at her heartstrings. As a widow, she knows firsthand the pain he’s suffering after losing his mate.

Mourn isn’t so certain that talking to a human female will help him heal but he desires her. It’s possible she could become his new reason for living.


Candi lost the male she loved, but never forgot him. New Species are her only hope to seek revenge for 927’s death.

A human female claiming to have been reared at Mercile has demanded entry to Homeland. Hero rushes to Medical and comes face-to-face with his past. One look at Candi and the life he’s built since gaining freedom comes crashing down around him.


140 is about Mourn, who lost his mate at the hands of Mercile, and Dana, who lost her husband to cancer a couple of years ago.  Having a connection that no-one else around them seems to understand, they bond quickly, much to the distress of Dana’s brother and other New Species, who think Mourn is mentally unstable after losing his mate.

927 had an interesting twist in that a human girl and a New Species boy were raised together at Mercile until they were sixteen, before Candi was removed and placed in an asylum to keep her quiet about her childhood.  After escaping, she heads to Homeland for safety where she runs into Hero, the boy she was raised with.  But tensions run high when Hero remembers how Candi betrayed him while locked up at Mercile.

I fell in love with the New Species series when I read FURY back in 2011.  Since then, I’ve read every book in the series as soon as it’s released, having read the first few books in the series four or five times.  I enjoyed NUMBERS and I devoured the book in a day, but I did find myself skipping dialogue.  The repetition of what the New Species endured, to what they’re still dealing with, to the secrets they have to keep is getting old and I’m wondering where this series is going to go and how long it will take to get us there.  I don’t mind reading a series, but I find myself losing interest when we start to reach double digits, especially if nothing new really happens, the stories start to sound the same and the characters become less memorable.

Numbers (New Species # 14 & 15)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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