No Limit (Armed & Dangerous # 1)

By L.P. Dover

BR No Limit


Murder. Lies. Betrayal.

I deal with those things every day. My name is Jason Avery, one of the best undercover agents in the country. I have yet to fail on a mission, which is why I’ve been sent to Vegas. Countless women have been abducted, tortured, only to show up dead in the middle of the night. It’s my job to find out which sick f*** is responsible. Unfortunately, every lead sends me to a dead end; at least, until Aylee McFadden shows up at my door.

Aylee is a stubborn, headstrong FBI agent and also one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen with a gun. In joining me, it gives us the leverage we need to get on the inside. She fights me at every turn, but soon realizes there’s more to me than tattoos and a dirty mouth. I can’t get enough of her. Now that we’re in the game, we’re one step closer to solving the crime. However, gambling with money isn’t what the big boys want. They want the one thing I’m not willing to give.

It’s a no limit game, and if I back down I lose everything. I will lose her.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with NO LIMIT.  When I signed up to review and promote this, I did so because I recognised L.P. Dover’s name, but then I realised that this seemed to be a complete 180 from her books I’ve read before in the Forever Fae and Second Chances series.  And then when I saw the cover, I got really worried.  But I shouldn’t have judged this book by it’s cover, because WOW, I loved it and didn’t want to put it down.  The story was good, the case was thrilling, the characters were likeable and the sex was hot.

There’s a killer leaving his mark on Vegas working girls, with all the victims coming from one high-end escort service.  The Madam has temporarily shut down her business but her girls are still turning up dead.  Jason is called in and goes undercover as a high roller hoping to get inside the group of wealthy suspects.  After months of no luck, the FBI send in one of their agents to help him out.  Enter Aylee, who plays the part of Jason’s paid companion.  Thanks to her assistance and the appearance of an unlikely ally, they’re able to get inside the group and start eliminating the suspects one at a time.  I had my suspicions as to who the killer could be, but I was shocked at how it played out.  Well done Ms Dover, well done.

I loved Jason and Aylee and I thought they were perfect for each other.  Jason’s used to working alone and is therefore not used to having to place his trust in a partner.  And trust is something Aylee is reluctant to give after being betrayed by her partner on a previous case that almost got her killed.  Jason isn’t a violent man, but he has no problem becoming violent when the situation calls for it.  He has a deep sense of doing the right thing, justice and protecting the innocent.  With Aylee being FBI and Jason being an undercover cop, you just know that right off the bat they’ll hate each other.  But as they work together, they start to respect each other’s skills and qualities, and they realise there’s so much more under the surface.  And when feelings of like and love become part of the equation, Jason’s not so keen to use her as bait anymore and will do anything to protect her, even if it means pissing her off.

The story seemed to move very fast at the beginning.  By the middle it seemed to have slowed down, so either the pace did in fact slow down, or I got used to the fast pace and didn’t notice it anymore.  NO LIMIT is the first book in the Armed & Dangerous series, but it mentions characters that have appeared in her Gloves Off series, at least I assume they’re from that series.  After meeting Kyle, I’m thinking I might have to add that series to my TBR list.  In fact, I just did.

No Limit (Armed & Dangerous # 1)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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