Dirty Neighbor (The Dirty Suburbs #1)

By Cassie-Ann L. Miller



Keeland Masters… Growing up, he was the boy next door, my older brother’s best friend, the guy who asked me to the prom…and then stood me up. He just vanished into thin air.

Now that he’s back in town, he wants to come over to play. And I’m not talking hopscotch.

But he’s hurt me once, so I’m sticking to my side of the fence no matter how good he looks pushing that lawnmower in all his tanned, toned shirtless glory.

Samantha Trotten… I should have been her first kiss. I should have been her “first time”. Instead, I ended up being the first a**hole to break her heart. But a lot of things were outside of my control back then.

I’ve been to hell and back over the past few years. She doesn’t even know the half of it.

But now, I’m back in town. And though I know I should keep my distance, all I want is a do-over…And I won’t quit till I get it.


Dirty Neighbor is a story of lost crushes and second chances.  A man, Keeland Masters, comes back to his old neighborhood to find his home again.  He has a lot to make up for because when his family left town they left a lot behind.

Sammie is grown up now.  She isn’t that same girl that he left standing on her porch waiting for her prom date (Keeland) to arrive.  Keeland was her crush and she won’t hurt again.

I liked Sammie’s character.  She was still vulnerable enough to make her human.  She still wants Keeland but she knows what he is capable of and she isn’t going to risk her heart again.  But that doesn’t mean she can’t have some great sex.  She is out of work and Keeland needs help with his bookkeeping so that means they get to see each other on a regular basis.

Keeland was also a great character.  He hasn’t had sex for three years because of being incarcerated and he is looking for his first bed partner.  But he sees Sammie and old memories came back.  He still has feeling for her and now only she will do.  The only problem is he promised Sammie’s brother that he wouldn’t touch her but what happens in the suburbs stays in the suburbs.

Cassie-Ann L Miller put together a novel on relationships.  They aren’t always pretty and they take work and I think that Cassie-Ann does a good job of writing that.  (Especially with Sammie’s brother.)  It will be interest to read about the next suburb escapade.

Dirty Neighbor

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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