Naked Choke

By Celia Loren

naked choke


My 18th birthday gift was moving in with two of the hottest, cockiest guys I’d ever met.

Austen and Logan Riggens, my new stepbrothers, my walking nightmares. They’re both older than me, they’re both MMA fighters, and to describe them in a few words…they’re charming, assertive, know-it-all, a**holes.

It’s like an unwritten rule in their house that they walk around without shirts on. Teasing me, mocking me, trying their best to make me squirm.

They don’t care that our parents are practically married, or that it’s totally unacceptable to steal a kiss from me as we pass in the hallways, leave the door open as they get out of the shower, or invite me into their bedrooms.

Inside the cage…inside our house…two brothers fighting over me.

But the more I play hard to get, the stronger their advances become. And the more they treat me like sh*t, the more I want them…

Full Length, No Cliff Hanger. 18+ Contains adult language and sexual content.

My Review

I was given a copy of this book and being my first MMA stepbrother romance novel I was not sure what to expect however I was not disappointed at all let me tell you.   Austen is confident and your typical older sibling whilst Logan has this inner turmoil going on and is quiet and reflective and more sensitive.  I don’t believe the boys were overtly rude or condescending to Cat they were just very self assured of themselves so perhaps that is part of being a MMA fighter and yes they both hurt her and broke her heart at moments in the story but I still secretly liked them.

The story flowed really well and you even learnt a bit about the terminology of MMA and I can honestly say I could have read a few more chapters at the end.  Whilst the ending was neatly wrapped up I still would have liked to have seen a bit more family discussion in relation to the dynamic between Cat, her mum and her step dad – he was a very focus driven man and I would have liked to have seen him push Cat a bit more.  There was a particular scene in the kitchen where their were tempers raised and Cat’s mum reacted appropriately considering her past with Cat’s dad but I thought it could have gone further and we could have had a bit more drama. I did not like her mum as a character, she was a very weak and needy women to me, she definitely played her daughter to her own tune and I was glad Cat finally came out of her bubble – she definitely in my eyes shone at the end of this story and made the right decision.

Logan and Austen were brothers but complete opposites in lifes expectations and outlooks all  except for their interest in their new step sister to be, I did like how the boys were three and two years respectively older than Cat as their maturity was evident on the pages.  They both played a part in shaping Cat and her journey to discovering what her life course would take and she also played an important role in those two boys making some hard decisions within their own family structure as well.  I would have loved a scene between Logan and his dad at the fighting tournament – some parts of those sections I was angry and hurt for Logan.

A great story of young love, life decisions and standing up for what and who you believe in.

Naked Choke

My rating:  4 Hearts

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