Mine To Lose (Mine To Love # 1)

By T.K. Rapp

BR Mine To Lose

Ryan and Emogen have been together for three years, are engaged to be married and love each other very much.  Emogen left her family, friends and home-town behind to follow Ryan’s job to Denver.  Nine months later, he takes a job transfer in San Diego without consulting with Emogen first.  He says it’s best for his career to take the job, without any real consideration regarding Emogen.  She’s finally comfortable in a job she likes and she isn’t in a rush to move, especially considering she’s already moved her entire life for him less than a year ago and she doesn’t understand why he feels he needs to go.  Standing her ground, she refuses to move with him.  Thinking their relationship is strong enough to withstand a year-long long distance relationship, Ryan heads to San Diego while Emogen stays in Denver.  But it doesn’t take long for the cracks to appear and the relationship to start falling apart.

Sadly, Mine To Lose didn’t do anything for me.  If I could only use one word to describe how I felt reading this book, that word would be “bored”.  The relationship falls apart because they’re keeping secrets from each other, and maybe it’s because of my age (the characters are in their early 20s), but I felt those secrets were petty and blown totally out of proportion.  Both are very stubborn and like to use things against the other (I didn’t tell you about “this” because you didn’t tell me about “that”).  Again, I use the word petty.  Ryan’s attempts at trying to get Emogen back were lame and he really didn’t put in much of an effort.  There’s no sex, except for behind the scenes, so if you’re after a book that gets your juices flowing, this isn’t it.  If you’re after a slow read about a couple that thinks they’re indestructible while watching them break apart and trying to come back together, then this is for you.

Mine To Lose

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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