Mine For Tonight (The Billionaire’s Obsession # 1)

By J. S. Scott

BR Mine For Tonight

Mine For Tonight is book 1 in J. S. Scott’s The Billionaire’s Obsession series and introduces us to Simon Hudson and Kara Foster.

Simon runs a multi-billion dollar company with his older brother Sam.  Despite being rich and handsome, he basically lives the life of a hermit after experiencing a life threatening event at the age of 16.  An event that left him with scars (physical and mental) and trust issues when it comes to sex.

Enter Kara, a woman who is constantly drawing the short straw in life and is about to hit rock bottom.  Simon comes to her rescue (literally), offering her a place to stay and all the money she could need.  All Simon wishes for in return?  Kara.  In his bed.  One night.  Anything he wants, anything he needs.


This is a very quick read and ends with Kara giving Simon all he desires and leaving her determined to help him resolve the trust issues that have been haunting him for half his life.  While this does not really end in a cliffhanger per se, it is not a stand-alone book.

My only issue with this book (and it’s an issue I have when it appears in any book) is when Simon and Kara have sex for the first time, without a condom.  He says he’s clean.  She says she’s clean.  And they take each other’s word for it.  You can still have a scorching hot sex scene with the guy wearing a condom.

We were asked by Ms Scott’s PA and Street Team Manager, Natalie, to promote this book as it’s currently free on Amazon, Google Play and B&N.  So check it out.

However, for $0.99 on Amazon (I only shop Amazon), you can buy The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection, which includes Mine For Tonight (# 1), Mine For Now (# 2), Mine Forever (# 3) and Mine Completely (# 4).  Books 2, 3 and 4 are not available for individual purchase, which is why I recommend buying The Complete Collection.

My rating:

4 Hearts

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