By Lindsay Marie Miller


I fell in love with a hitman.
The one hired to kill me.
I just hope he doesn’t break my heart.


Nineteen-year-old Anna James is an Ex-President’s daughter with a bounty on her head. A sudden thirst for teenage rebellion lands her in a crowded night club, where she locks eyes with a beautiful stranger across the room.

Ten years her senior, elusive and brooding Julian rescues Anna and then whisks her away to an undisclosed location in the wilderness. But Julian is like a force of nature—cold as ice one minute, warm and tender the next. Frightened and distressed, Anna is reluctant to trust her hero.

Especially when she discovers that Julian is the man hired to kill her.

Mercy is a full-length Dark Romantic Thriller Novel—approximately 87,000 words.
This love story can be read as a Stand Alone.


Mercy is a fast paced romantic read that will have you on the edge of your seat.  One moment you will be cursing Julian and the next will be wanting to be in his arms like Anna.

Firstly I do have to say the cover although good looking to me does not reflect who Anna is. To me, she is 19, protected daughter and a virgin.  Once I consumed myself within the walls of Julian and Anna’s world the cover picture faded away thankfully.

Mercy is a standalone however at the end of this I could have read so many more chapters on Anna and her journey.  Although at the start she is very vulnerable the way the author matured Anna throughout this story was beautiful.  The story takes an incredible heart wrenching turn and I was not prepared and was beside myself.  I had so many questions and hopes and be prepared for an emotional roller coaster.

I fell in love with Julian once he rescued Anna and every chapter thereafter, I knew he had an agenda and then the way this story evolved was perfection.

The sexual scenes between Julian and Anna are enjoyable and provide a roller coaster of emotions.  There are some violent scenes in this story but were relevant and kept the suspense to the story ongoing.


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