Marco’s Redemption

By Lynda Chance

Marco's Redemption


Marco Donati is rich, ruthless–and more often than not–indiscriminate. Interested only in satisfying his sexual needs casually and frequently, he has no intention of changing a thing about his life. Natalie Lambert is alone, broke, and new to the city when a chance encounter leaves her under the power and control of Marco Donati. As the story unfolds, tensions mount and trust is tested between two people who can’t manage to stay away from each other.


Marco’s Redemption has all the ingredients of an easy quick romance read with an alpha man and naive and sweet young girl.  Marco was a dynamic character, headstrong and at times very overbearing but I still loved him.

This is a very fast flowing story however at times I did feel it jumped too far ahead.   The chemistry and connection between Marco and Natalie gave me some magical moments.  Marco was a dominant businessman and Natalie was a country girl at heart.   Loved the way she looked after Marco in his home as it allowed you to escape into the fairytale.

The building tension with Kennedy gave the story some darkness yet showed Marco’s strength.  There were some great emotional scenes as Marco’s need developed to find his redemption with Natalie.

Another great addition was Kennedy who provided some fantastic intense dominant scenes.  However, I did believe that Marco’s acquaintance fled too easily without any drama.

In conclusion, the ending in this standalone satisfied my desire to see Marco and Natalie with their happy ever after.

Marco’s Redemption

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