March (Calendar Girl # 3)

By Audrey Carlan

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A fiancée. I’m going to Chicago to pretend to be some Italian Stallion’s future wife. Why a massive hunk, boxer, and rich restaurateur needs a fake bride is beyond me. Then again, I’m not paid to know why. I’m paid $100,000 to be his escort, or in this case, the woman he’s supposedly “going” to marry. 

The moment I met Antony “Tony” Fasano, I thought I might have lost my ability to breathe. In my twenty four years of life, I’d not seen anything like him. Clad only in a small towel precariously dangling from his hips–water droplets streaming down every inch of his muscular frame–I knew right then and there, I’d finally seen male perfection in all its raw glory. 

What happened next blew me away. It was now abundantly clear why he needed me…a fake fiancée. 


It’s MARCH and Mia is off to Chicago to meet her Italian Stallion, Anthony Fasano, a thirty year old ex-boxer-turned-businessman in charge of his family’s restaurant empire.  He needs a fake fiancé and the reason for that is made perfectly clear to Mia within minutes of her arrival.

I can’t really talk about this novella without giving away any spoilers, and to be honest, that frickin’ sucks because there’s so much I want to say.  Wes is still in the picture and they miss each other fiercely.  Despite being separated, Mia is now really enjoying her job and making the most out of the situation she’s in.  She’s getting to see new cities and make new friends.  We also meet Blaine, and I have a feeling he is going to become a very big problem for Mia.  Yes, even more so than he is now.

I really liked the way this story played out.  It was not what I was expecting to read, which was nice because I don’t often get thrown for a loop.  I liked the messages that Audrey placed throughout the story: Love yourself and don’t be ashamed of who you are; Live your life how you want to live it, not the way others want you to live it.  Mia is also maturing, learning more about love through the eyes of others and realising that she needs to reassess her own choices when it comes to her family.

Where’s the next stop for Mia?  Boston, Massachusetts.  Bring on APRIL.

Mia:  “For the next nine months, I hope you’ll remind me of what could be.”
Wes:  “I’ll never let you forget what you could have.  What’s waiting for you.”

March (Calendar Girl # 3)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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