Monster: Angels of Chaos MC

By Zoey Parker



I thought he was my savior. If only I’d known he was a murderer, too.

Getting trapped in the snow was my own fault.
For a moment, I thought I would die out there.

So when the sexiest man I’ve ever seen pulls me back from the brink of death,
I suppose I should be grateful.

He takes me home, warms me up…
…and lights a fire inside me that only his touch can heal.

Now I’m burning with desire for Jax —
his hands, his mouth, his body.
I know he’s no good for me,
but nothing can stop me from craving him.

That is, until his past rears its ugly head.
But by the time I learn he’s truly a monster,
it might already be too late.

At first, she wanted no part of me. But some kinds of darkness are hard to resist…

I know I’m not a good guy.
Ever since my wife died, I’ve had a single rule when it comes to women:
One night only.
In all these years, I’ve never broken it.

That is, until I met Christina.
She’s got a body like sin and a sassy mouth to boot.
I want to f**k her until she’s hoarse from screaming my name.

She doesn’t know I have secrets.
She doesn’t know what I’ve done.
And even after she discovers who I really am, it won’t matter anymore.

She’ll have to find out the hard way:
once you come home with me,
there’s no going back.


Loved the two main characters, their chemistry on the pages was really great, love a romance story with a dog and even the dog was connected to the history of his wife. The wife’s story was a really pleasant surprise giving the overfall story it’s mystery and suspense and explained Jax’s characteristics.

The story flowed well, we were given snippets of both main characters pasts to explain how they hid from new affections, how they fought against their attractions and the sex scenes were very hot, passionate and intense.

The ending to the story built up slowly but solidly, you knew there was going to be some heart ache associates with Christina’s past and this provided great suspense before we were given their HEA.

Monster: Angels of Chaos MC

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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