Love Me To Death

By Sharlay

BR Love Me To Death


Brennan Cole…

Is a player. He sleeps with women at night and kicks them out of his bed by morning.
NO strings. NO attachments. And NO falling in love.

But not even his good looks, hot body or sexy way with words can get him out of the eviction notice stuck on his door.

Desperate for money and running out of time he finds himself signing a contract for an acting job that is about to break every rule that he’s ever made…

Neddie Waters…

Is dying. With only a year left to live, falling in love is the last thing that she wants to do.

But with a mother desperate to see her find her one true love before her final days and an inability to say no to the one woman that she loves more than anything in the world, Neddie sets herself a simple task…

1. Hire someone to play her “lover”.
2. Don’t fall in love.



So lately I’ve been in a bit of a book funk.  You know what it’s like.  You read a book.  You like it, but you don’t love it.  Then when you finish it, you think more about what you didn’t like about it instead of what you did like about it.  Then you pick up another book and start the process again.  You wonder “Is it the books, or *gasp*, is it me?”.  Then finally, it happens.  You pick up a book that has you hooked from the start and you just can’t put it down.  You need to put dinner in the Crock-Pot?  Screw it, there’s cereal in the cupboard.  You need to hang out that load of washing?  It can wait.  You need to pick up your child/ren from school?  Ok, that can’t wait, so you better hurry your arse up and finish this book.  LOVE ME TO DEATH was that book.

Brennan is rude, cocky and a manwhore, so you’d think you’d hate him.  But he’s also attentive, cheeky, cheesy and very playful, and when you put it all together it creates one very charming package.  I liked that he was not afraid to break some of the contract terms because it showed that he’s not one to blindly follow the rules, and I think that’s exactly what Neddie needed.  He does occasionally act like a spoilt child, but he is only 25, so I guess that’s to be expected sometimes.  Neddie is an incredibly brave woman.  She’s also only 25, but she has a maturity about her that makes her seem older.  She knows she’s dying and while it terrifies her, she’s not going to let her impending death ruin whatever future she may have left.  She plans to live her life and live it well.  In short, Brennan and Neddie are perfect for each other.  He gives her a reason to laugh and have fun, while she helps him to grow up a little.

I absolutely loved LOVE ME TO DEATH and I couldn’t put it down.  It was the perfect combination of sweetness, laugh-out-loud moments and heartbreaking situations.  And sometimes you just need to read a book that has you reaching for the tissues.  But be warned, the ending will rip. Your. Heart. Out.

Love Me To Death

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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