Losing Her (Broken Road 1)

by Cori Williams

Losing Her


Love. I’d hated love for most of my life. I saw how it destroyed the one person I thought I could count on as it sucked him under, leaving him not to care about anything else in the world—including me. But when I didn’t close myself off, I let love consume me. Love and hate, two words that don’t often go together but that’s what I felt for him. Beneath the prince lurked a monster.

Lawson Reynolds fell in love with Campbell Wynn the minute he laid eyes on her—even though he was clueless to the fact. Maybe if he had realized it sooner, he wouldn’t have lost her. Campbell Wynn had no interest in becoming another one of Lawson Reynold’s groupies. She thought she found her own happily ever after when she didn’t think they even existed. But the perfectly painted picture soon turned ugly behind closed doors. Will Lawson’s unconditional love be able to save her from the downward cycle that she refuses to break? Or will she reach the point of no return?

Mature content, 17+. May contain triggers.

My Review

Speechless – Losing Her has hooked me big time – The Ending – Wow, I am going to go back to the beginning and read this again before the next book comes out as I cannot believe it was twisted that way – brilliant!

This is going to be hard to review in words without giving anything away so here goes….

Firstly, Lawson and Campbell and their young romance, it was frustrating for me at the start of their initial friendship and subsequent physical attraction, I did find parts of explaining how they met and their emerging love story a bit long for me but then I wanted to get to when they were adults – you cannot blame me when you read the start of this book.

Their passionate scenes were hot and horny and they obviously underneath loved each other but you can understand why Campbell chose her husband, she needed some serious stability after her childhood.

I really enjoyed the second part of this story more than the first but I suppose after the way the story started we needed to go back to the beginning.  The scenes around the violence I thought were written well and compassionately expressed without being too over the top.

The friendships and support group that surrounds Lawson and Campbell is amazing and I just keep going back to the beginning of this story and the ending and my mind is boggling with what is going to happen next.

Oh how I wish Shattered Laws will be released early 2016 – I have so many questions now I want answers to.

Losing Her (Broken Road 1)

My rating: 4 Hearts

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