Losing Control

By Summer Mackenzie



Thorne Ryker is losing control. He has a reputation for being overbearing. His rivals hate him because he doesn’t allow anything to get in the way of success, and women hate him because he’s never taken anyone seriously until Elena comes into his life, the one woman Ryker can’t keep his hands off…

Elena Monroe has just come out of a devastating relationship and doesn’t want anything serious. She builds enough walls when she’s around men but somehow when it comes to

Thorne she can sense those walls coming down…

Will this affair change their lives for the better? Or will this just be another devastating disaster like their pasts?


I need a 3.5 star rating on our website, this is a great romance read, it is easy to follow and you will enjoy it over a weekend.

This love story I actually really enjoyed and thought is held so much promise, what I loved about this novel, the dual POV and how we switched between the two main characters Elena and Thorne.  I also liked the drama associated with Elena’s ex Nick and I felt the first few chapters really held strong links of a great romantic story with some heartfelt drama with mystery.

I did find the story lost its way through the centre of the book, I thought the inclusive of some scenes at the BDSM club with Thorne’s associates weird and just thrown in.  I did not get the feeling from Thorne that he was some BDSM guy more like just a playboy.

The background story of Thorne’s brother Lane to me was tiresome and inconsequential to their love story, so I kind of thought we got bogged down with associated characters stories where I really wanted to know more about Thorne and Elena.  Perhaps I wanted more sneak throw backs as to why he was there on that rainy night, what Cyndi held over him in perhaps sneak clues, it would have really provided that wow factor when all is revealed at the end of the journey.

Whilst at the start I liked Elena’s friend Penny she really lost me when I felt she was not a true friend and a bit selfish in some parts of the story, never leave a girl behind they say.  I actually would have liked Nick to come in more throughout the centre of the story and provide some further drama and suspense for Elena and have Thorne show his dominate nature of protection and wanting Elena if we were to go down the BDSM route – just purely my opinion.  The continual texting and premise that he was escalating was not entirely followed through as well as I thought it could have been.

I really enjoyed their sexual chemistry and passion and when they finally got together –  I was not disappointed at all.

The last third of the story really came into its own, loved how the two main characters connected and also how Cyndi came into the story.  I really think she could have been entwined earlier on with a better link to the whole central characters story, perhaps more Cyndi and less Lane.

Congratulations on your novel Summer a great start and keep writing.

Losing Control

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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