Lone Cougar (Solo Shift #2)

By Nicole Lake



I didn’t particularly care for Ryan when he showed up for his first massage. And I don’t particularly care for him now, even if he’s the hottest thing in Green Holler. Especially because he’s the hottest thing in Green Holler.

He reminds me of every player I met in high school and college, he travels constantly because of his work, and I’m sure he’s got a girl in every airport. And his work? He’s the guy Dad hired for advice on expanding his art store, and I can just see him changing it into McArts or something cheesy.

Not that I’m looking for a man anyway. I don’t ask for much. Just a man who’s not a complete jerk, doesn’t mind living out here in the middle of the Ozarks, and won’t freak out when he discovers that shifting’s real and his girlfriend’s an owl shifter.

And Ryan’s not that man. Right?


The woman at the B&B’s trying to get me to date Sam–short for Samantha, she’s careful to point out. Not going to happen, even if Sam’s the most beautiful woman I’ve seen. For one thing, there’s plenty of beautiful women out there, but not enough damn-good massage therapists like Sam. On top of that, her dad’s my client, and that mixture of business and pleasure is a bad idea.

Why would anyone give up their big-city dreams, go back home to this Ozark tourist trap–sorry, I mean “this quaint Ozark town”–and hang up a shingle as a massage therapist, even a damn good one? I don’t get it, but I can’t afford to settle down like she did. With all the consulting gigs I do, I’ve got to stay on the road all the time.

Besides, when I’m on the road, no one can get close enough to find out about my cougar, and I can have a good time any night I want, anywhere I want, with almost any woman I want, with no commitments.

I’m not scared of commitment, but what woman’s going to commit to a guy who’s also occasionally a cougar? Certainly not Sam.


Imagine yourself as a shifter alone in a world that doesn’t know shifting exists.

This is the Solo Shift world: no packs, no guidance, no mates, and no prospects until chance, luck, trust, and love all intervene.


Lone Cougar is a story about two people who are drawn together.  They are attracted to each other but know that they would never really be more than a one time thing.  Sam and Ryan may only be perfect for each other.

Sam a girl who had dreams of moving away but her heart only belonged to this small town. She is bright and sweet.  She had a real family feel to her but she feels that she will never have a family of her own because she doesn’t know if she would be able to share her secret that she is a sifter.

Ryan comes off like a player.  He is helping Sam’s dad with his business and at the same time finding a connection with Sam.  He also believes that because of his secret that he will never be able to settle down.

Lone Cougar has a good story base.  I like the idea of two people that are unique, who don’t know that there are any other shifters in the world, are somehow attracted to each other.  The story itself lost the energy about half way through the book and there was places that seemed awkward.  The exclamation point was overused.  I’m not sure if this was because this was an ARC or if this was really apart of the story. I did enjoy getting to know these two characters and this small town.

Lone Cougar

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