Logan Kade

By Tijan


You think you know me?
Player. Partier. Fighter.

You know what? You’re right. I’m all those things. F*ck with mine and I’ll f*ck you ten times harder. Suspensions. Arrests. You think I care?
So yeah, I may fit the bad boy image, but there’s so much more you don’t know.
I’m loyal to a damned fault. I’ll never leave your side. The real Logan Kade isn’t a manwhore. When I love, I love hard and completely.
Taylor saw that side of me. Inside of me. She saw my darkness and pain, and the second she did, she owned me.

You may think you know me…
…but she’s the only one who sees me.

**Full-length standalone


** Please read Fallen Crest High Series 1 to 5 before reading Logan’s story **

I am on team #Logan all the way, ever since I picked up Fallen Crest High, I love Mason & Sam and their love story but Logan’s humour and live life to the fullest always drew me in.  If you have not read Fallen Crest Series, please do, so many characters in here are in that series and although this is a standalone so many of his mannerisms may not make sense.

Logan’s story in this book really opened up him to the reader on a new level, you saw his hurt and learnt more about him and Mason and their younger life and those key moments that changed them.

I enjoyed the dual POV, I really liked how we had more of Taylor’s perspective as I needed to know she was the girl for him and that she deserved Logan.  As a reader you get so invested in the character and I simply needed to know she was good enough.

It is funny that both Sam and Taylor are “Coaches daughters” and their mannerisms are really quite similar in that they do not need a large posse around them, they are very strong and independent young woman who deserve two men such as Mason & Logan that would walk through fire for them.

It was interesting to see Nate in this story and I now would love to see him find the girl of his dreams.  I would have liked perhaps a chapter on Sam, Nate and Mason when Taylor and Logan had their one month break to tie in the obvious conclusions they had come to with Logan falling in love.

The ending was brilliant and I cannot wait to see the big event, which  we will obviously read about in Fallen Crest 6 or 7.

Quote: “Mama Malinda’s rules: Go big or go home”

Logan Kade

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