By Clarissa Wild


People say I’m ferocious. Wild. Dangerous.
They’re right. That’s why I live on an island alone.
The jungle is my home. My personal prison.
Until she arrived.
The moment her helicopter crashed on my land, everything changed.
She’s the only survivor … And I’m keeping her locked up in a pit.
It’s been too long since I last touched a woman, especially one so beautiful.
It makes me hunger for her.
I want her … So I’ll keep her …
And I’ll make her mine.


This story is definitely Dark and mysterious. It has all the action and drama of the helicopter crash and being held in the cave.  Unfortunately, after this, the story became somewhat repetitive in her attempts to flee the island and their subsequent makeup sex.

Told in dual POV, this definitely assisted in understanding each character’s actions and thoughts.

I struggled with parts of this story, especially Lock and his understanding and knowledge of the outside world.

Personally, the second half of this story flowed better for me.  I believe I would have understood Lock more if his past was briefly explained at the start.

I have not read any other books linked to this story.  In hindsight, I would have enjoyed this more if I had read Ella & Cage’s story first?

In conclusion, Locked neatly ties up this relationship and I am left with no questions.


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