The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her

By Alice K. Wayne


Tomás Ramírez was the youngest son of his organized crime family, and the only smear they carried on their perfect lineage. He was brazen, defiant, and shamelessly sexual, with a sadistic streak that left me lying awake at night wondering what he would do to me, or my body, next. He was the type of man that made me hate him while I clung to him.
Oh… and did I mention he’s blackmailing me?
Mikayla Jones was a sweet, quirky girl, with a dirty past, trying to make her way alone in the world. She was doing just fine in her warm bed of lies, until I came along and burned it all to hell, making her face the truth and confront her demons.

“Why?” you might ask… because I’m in love with the silly little girl, and I won’t stop until she’s mine.

This book contains content that may not be suitable for readers sensitive to hard to read subjects


What I first love about The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her is the cover, I think it is beautiful and so different and fits perfectly with the story inside.  The beginning of this story details how they met and why he wants To Catch Her, this is the first story that I have read about camming.

The connection between Tomas and Mikayla is brilliant and their friendship and romantic journey was excellent and I love how he called her Jones and their banter both humorous and erotic was spot on.  The relationship between Tomas and his two brothers was interesting and also the family dynamic with their parents was refreshing.  HIs mother I immediately liked and her strategic playing in the lives of her three sons was a great side story.

Now the only thing that annoyed me was the multiple storylines, at times I admit I became confused, thought I had missed something, went back and made sure I was on the right track.  The mafia and gang storylines were aplenty and you have to keep your wits about you, all three brothers have a story, this is just not Tomas and Mikayla’s story.  We deal with Russians, gangsters and then their workers who have true allegiance to the Ramirez family.

I know other reviews are talking about the cliffhanger for Mikayla and I did not see that coming but it was the other two cliffhangers in the story with Savannah & Mateo (who is she talking to?) and then also Elijah & Santiago at the warehouse.  So much is happening in this story and there are so many unanswered questions that I simply want the next book – like now!  So after finishing The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her I go hunting on Goodreads, Amazon and on Facebook, no mention of when the next book is coming out, I am now a bit annoyed as the way it ends is brutal, how much more can be thrown at Mikayla, I was hoping for some happiness for her with Tomas.

The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her

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