Lincoln Hospital (The Trauma Series # 1)

By Cassia Brightmore

BR Lincoln Hospital


On the twenty-third day—he hunts, bringing the scum of the earth to justice; his justice. Ending up as a patient on Dr. O’Reilly’s table could either save your life or end it in the most horrific way. 

New York City. The infamous city that never sleeps; the place where dreams either shine brightly or shatter into razor sharp pieces of metal. For Dr. Cian O’Reilly, it’s the perfect city to disguise his dark alter ego. As a top surgeon at Lincoln Hospital, he has access to resources far beyond the reach of the average person; the ideal cover for his double life. By day, he’s the epitome of professionalism. By night, the facade is stripped away and his true depraved self is revealed. 

When Dr. Athena Payne joins the roster as a new surgical intern, Cian’s carefully constructed life is thrown into turmoil. With her sunny smile and wide-eyed innocence, she threatens to break through his iron-like exterior, exposing the man beneath. Following her dream of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, her internship at Lincoln Hospital is the first step in achieving her goals. Something about the dark air of mystery that surrounds her new boss, Dr. Cian O’Reilly, leaves Athena questioning just what it is that the good doctor is hiding. 

A killer on the loose. A doctor wielding a deadly blade. An intern caught in the midst of first love and a lethal web of murder. 

Lincoln Hospital. Where the cure can be your worst nightmare. 

Warning: Contains violence and graphic situations not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This is the first book in a series and ends on a cliffhanger. All books must be read in order to follow the series.


From the first page, you know that Cian is not a nice guy.  He’s an amazing and well respected surgeon, but he’s also well known for being an asshole and it’s a title he wears with pride.  He also has a dark and vengeful side, one that only a handful of people know about.  He’s become a vigilante, serving up cruel and unusual punishment to those that have gotten away with their terrible crimes.  What can I say about Athena?  Not much because to be honest, I don’t really remember her, other than she forgave Cian every time he treated her badly.  Cian’s personality and actions overshadow almost everyone and everything else in this story.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a dark book and when I saw this one pop up, it sounded too interesting to dismiss.  I did enjoy LINCOLN HOSPITAL, but I didn’t love it.  My main issue was in relation to the POVs.  While this story is mainly told in Cian and Athena’s POV, it also includes the POV of several other characters.  That would be fine, except that the POV changes without any notice at all, which often left me confused.  At one point the POV switched between three characters in as many paragraphs.  I also noticed incomplete, extra and wrong words used here and there, so it could use an editor.  LINCOLN HOSPITAL is the start of a new series and I believe it is the spin-off of her Darkness series.  I don’t think you need to read the other books first, but there was one chapter where the villains are talking about people and events that seemed unrelated to this story, and trying to figure out who and what they were talking about was useless.  The story ends in a cliffhanger of sorts, in that while the story about the missing girls will continue, I don’t think the next story will be about Cian and Athena.  It feels like they got their HEA, as happy as they can be in a story such as this.

Lincoln Hospital (The Trauma Series # 1)

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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