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I picked up The Dom Who Loved Me when I switched over to the romance genre and instantly fell for the Taggarts and the style in which Lexi Blake writes.  Since then I have to read everything that she writes.   I have also had the pleasure of meeting her on a few of the book signings that I have attended and she is as lovely as she seems.  She gives every single person in line personal attention and makes them feel special.

1 Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, hobbies, pets, etc).

I’ve got three kids, a husband and the world’s laziest dog. Her name is Bella and she was rescued from a shelter. She’s really more like a cat. She follows me from room to room and then lies down as quickly as possible. As for hobbies, yikes. I don’t have a ton of time for them. I guess I would say watching really bad horror movies with my bestie. The family hobby is board games. My husband is crazy about them. He’s got a roomful of European style board games and even ordered a custom table for gamin.

2 How did you get into writing and why romance?

I can’t remember a time I wasn’t writing. Even in grade school I would write stories. By the time I got to high school I was writing fan fiction and then original plays. I got into romance because that’s what my mom read. We had tons of historicals and Harlequins around the house. I was surrounded by it so I gravitated that way.

3 Do you ever re-enact the sex scenes you write about?


4 Name a romance book or series you would love to see as a movie/TV series.

I love Demonica by Larissa Ione. I would love to see that as a TV series, but then her head would be really big and having to live with her would be such a struggle. (I’m joking. Besides loving Demonica, I also love the author behind it!) I think it’s a rich universe and would translate well to TV. I also think something like Rough Riders by Lorelei James could do well.

5 Have you ever read a book based solely on its cover?

No. I pick books based on word of mouth or blurbs. If you’ve got a great blurb that catches my attention, I’ll pick up that book every time.

6 What is your ideal way to end a long day?

A glass of wine, a good meal and some unwinding in front of the TV. I love long form story telling and television is having a renaissance right now. So many good shows.

7 Describe your ultimate holiday.

Me and the hubby on a beach with no deadlines, nothing pressing. All we have to do is lie around and swim in the ocean and have people bring us drinks.

8 Who is your favourite book boyfriend and why?

They are too many to name! I can say though that what I tend to love in a book (dominant Alpha males) isn’t what I would want in my life which is probably why I try to write some quirkier characters. I love Barrons from the Fever series, but I would kill him in real life. I love what I like to call the alpha geek – sure of himself, a sneaky top, sexy as hell but also very funny and thoughtful. I think my love of that kind of hero came from a book called Trust Me by Jayne Ann Krentz.

9 What turns you on and what turns you off?

Intelligence and kindness. I like a man I can talk to. Witty conversation can definitely be a turn on. Turn offs – my major turn off would be closed mindedness. You can’t have a conversation with someone who’s made his mind up about everything.

10 Boxer or briefs? Or commando???

Briefs. I think they’re super sexy!

11 Who is your top five “Freebie List”? (I think this is also known as a Hall Pass.  Who could you sleep with that your partner won’t mind?)

Yeah we can joke about that but there are no men in the world I could sleep with that my husband wouldn’t mind. There are no hall passes in my marriage. I would worry for Stephen Amell or Alexander Skarsgard’s health if they miraculously found their way into my bed. Well, except maybe Margot Robbie who I adore – though I’m normally straight as an arrow. I think in that case he would merely want me to roll video….

12 You have a table booked for four in your favourite restaurant.  Who would you invite to join you?

My husband and my two best friends. I get so little time, I want to spend every moment with the people I love.

13 How can our readers connect with you? Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, etc.

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