Knight (Unfinished Hero #1)

By Kristen Ashley



Anya Gage has learned that to get anything good in life, you have to work for it. She has no expectations, no dreams.

Then she finds herself at a party where she doesn’t want to be and she meets Knight.

Knight Sebring knows who he is, what he wants and what he likes. And he gets it. But he never expected something as sweet as Anya Gage to wander into his bedroom during a party he did not expect to be having to borrow his phone.

Knight tries to leave Anya to the life she deserves of white picket fences and a man who watches football on Sundays – good, normal and clean. But when Anya comes to his nightclub and finds herself in a situation, he knows someone has to look after her, he can’t fight it anymore and he decides that man will be him.

Knight teaches Anya that, just as with the bad, in life you should also expect the good. And he teaches her this by giving it to her.

But Knight has a dark past and just as he desires Anya for exactly who she is, he fears when she finds out exactly the man he has become and always intends to be, she’ll leave him for good, normal and clean..


Knight is an alpha man who is dominating, dark, mysterious, sensual, passionate and highly successful.  Anya comes into his life and makes him want to show her that everyone deserves good and he gives it to her in beautiful moments throughout this story.

Anya is an old soul, having had a tough life but she has a true beauty and caring nature where people meet her and know she is honest, independent and loving.

I really savoured this story, I love Kristen Ashley and her alpha men however fair warning this series is different from her others but I liked the darkness of it.  Probably only one part of this story that did my head in a bit was the reference to “daddy”, just weird to me but in the context of the sexual storyline probably fits and either way – Knight is hot and dominating so no complaints here.

Either way you will get drama, twists and turns, romance and erotic sexual scenes which do not disappoint and will get you a bit hot under the collar.

Knight (Unfinished Hero #1)

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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