Kiss Marry Kill – Video Book Club

Title: Kiss Marry Kill
Series: Iron Clad Security # 1
Author: Sidney Halston
Release Date: March 28, 2017

Christine’s Review

Kiss Marry Kill is the story of two people who fell for each other at the wrong time in their lives. They had a chance at something special after four amazing days together but unfortunately reality stepped in and it was not meant to be.  Five years later, circumstances have given Megan and Jax another chance.

Jax is the head of a security company and Megan is a music star and the obsession of a stalker. Jax comes in and does everything in his power to make her safe.  But in the five years that they were apart they both changed.  Jax was changed by the war.  Megan was changed by Jax and learned to do what she was passionate about.

Megan has some great friends that help her on her journey.  Her friends in the band are amazing and bring a lighter feel to the story.  Her parents are also support system even if they don’t totally understand why she wants to go down this path.  Megan also has a serious problem, she has a stalker that has managed to invade her home and her sense of security.

Kiss Marry Kill is a sweet second change love story that had some thrilling parts in it.  I loved how they meet at the baseball game and spent 4 amazing days together.  I also felt that the way Jax had changed seemed appropriate for what he went through in the war.  But I did feel like the story started to loose energy about 40% of the way through and didn’t pick back up until nearly the end.  It does have a twist in it that I had guessed but it still made an interesting ending.

My Rating:  

Lulu’s Review

It started off fantastic with all the drama and suspense and the last 30% was really fast paced however I just felt the middle it went a little bit slow and I put that down to the fact I just wanted to find out who the stalker was !! I also did not enjoy the constant returning to 5 years earlier when they had their fling so be warned you will return to poignent moments for them throughout this story.

Now can I say I LOVED the way they meet at the baseball that was brilliant and so good for giving Dick what he deserved. This story really does centre around Jax and Meg and that was one of the reasons I really enjoyed it as they were characters that connected to me on different levels. The story was their love story of how they met, left and then returned to each other and we did not get bogged down with other characters dramas.

I did not pick the twist in the stalker straight away but I had a hunch before they went on tour and it was all neatly tied up however I did think hacking into the train system a little out there but hey Jax was saving his girl! The passionate scenes between Jax and Meg were enjoyable and I thought the humour and characters stubborness at parts was great. Another character I really enjoyed was Joey his partner in his security firm and obviously there is going to be a story about him and also his sister which will be next going on the way the story ended.

If you have read Sidney’s “Panic Series” you will find the “Iron Clad Security” definately has a lighter and sweeter romance feel and is not as Dark.

My Rating:  

Vicki’s Review

I loved how KISS MARRY KILL started, throwing us right into the action from the very first page. It kept my attention and I finished it fairly quickly, but I did find the story a little slow at times. I was disappointed that there was all this buildup to the action, but then the action was just skimmed over: the stalker was caught, we flashed forward to three months later, the end.  I did guess the stalker twist fairly early on, but I felt the twist was realistic, which was good.  There’s nothing I hate more than a twist that comes out of nowhere and makes absolutely zero sense.

Character wise, I liked both Jax and Megan and I loved how they first met five years before.  They spent an amazing four days together before parting ways, but they both never forgot the other. In fact, those four days changed Megan’s life forever and for the better.  When Jax finds out that Megan is in trouble, he drops everything to keep her safe and they rekindle their brief relationship.  That being said, I wouldn’t hire Jax’s security company to protect me given how easily people without military and security training were able to infiltrate areas that were deemed secure.

KISS MARRY KILL is told in dual POVs and is the beginning of a new series from Sidney Halston.  It is told in present time, but also includes several flashbacks to the four days they spent together years ago.  I did feel that some things were left unresolved and unclarified.  For example, Megan’s relationship with her parents, and Jax referring several times to losing his team because he mixed business with pleasure and/or lost focus, but from what I remember reading, that’s not the reason why his team died.  Judging by how this book ended, it looks like Jax’s business partner’s little sister will get the next book in the series.

My Rating:  3 Hearts 1/2