Killer (Karma Inc. # 5)

By Gillian Zane


The final book in the Karma Inc. Series is here! Cassandra Mercier’s last Karma case…or is it?

Case # 5 of the Karma Incorporated Series.

Karma never forgets.

Working for Karma Incorporated has taken its toll on Cassandra Mercier. She might have died to get this job, but being a worker bee in the bowels of Afterlife Corporation have proven to be more than she can handle.

Her latest case feels a little too personal as Cassandra finds herself playing psychic at her old stomping grounds, the precinct where she used to work before she died. Her job on the case is to expose a dirty cop while using her cover as a psychic to help solve cases. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. The cop she’s meant to expose was a good friend of hers, pre-death, and someone she can’t imagine being dirty. To make matters more complicated, she’s asked her to help solve her own murder.

Is it too good to be true? Can Cassandra out a dirty cop, no matter how squeaky clean he looks, all while finding her own killer? Or will the Powers That Be put an end to her selfish investigations and end her career with Karma Incorporated completely?


KILLER is the fifth and final book in the Karma Inc. series, a series that I believe was originally going to be a six-part serial. CROOK was meant to be the title of the fifth book, so I’m not sure if that story was pulled or if the name was simply changed.

Since the very first book, the story has been focused on Cassandra’s death; how did she die and who killed her? So it was disappointing that when she finally learnt the truth, she was quickly whisked back to Afterlife where the focus of the story changed immediately. Instead of seeing her killer get what they deserved, we got a hard-to-follow explanation on the different classes of gods and other beings, and the identities of her biological parents were revealed.

Don’t get me wrong, her identity explained a few things, but up until that point, figuring out who her parents were had barely been a blip on the radar in the previous books, so it felt like it came out of nowhere. But her identity didn’t explain everything, like why she couldn’t remember her past life or why she was held in limbo for a year after her death before being sent to Karma Inc. As far as I can tell, those questions remain unanswered.

There are also some inconsistencies that started popping up in the third book that carried over into this book and were a little too big for me to ignore.

As a whole, I have enjoyed this series and have given all the previous books a rating of 4❤. The mystery surrounding Cassandra’s life, disappearance and death, as well as trying to figure out who and what Drake was, kept me turning the pages and coming back for more. So it pains me to say that I felt as though KILLER did not do this series justice. Though I am disappointed with how this series was wrapped up, I would read from this author again.

Killer (Karma Inc. # 5)

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