Keeping Her (Keep Me #1)

By Angela Synder


“She calls to me like one of the Sirens from Greek mythology, and I would gladly crash into a thousand jagged rocks for just a single touch from her.”

To say I had a rough start in life would be the understatement of the century.

My uncle may have rescued me from my abusive childhood, but he couldn’t save me from the neurotic and compulsive obsessions I would develop in my adulthood.

I deal with some of the worst criminals in the seedy underbelly of the world just to get what I want. What I need.

And what I need is the perfect woman. Perfect and pure in every way possible. And I’m willing to obtain that perfection…no matter the cost.

So when I make my newest purchase, I expect Adeline’s fate to be like all the others before her — taking what I want and then never seeing her again.

But she’s different.

Her beauty is disarming.

And even though I promised to let her go after I took what I wanted…I slowly come to the realization that I can’t.

I have to break my promise to her, because she’s mine now.

And I’m keeping her.

**Keeping Her is book one of the two-book dark romance Keep Me Series and ends with a cliffhanger. It contains adult content for mature readers.**


Keeping Her I simply devoured and it is one dark and delicious read.

Luc is simply dynamic as a recluse and created moments when you hated him but then despaired with his inability to touch and feel normal.  To fully understand his background I recommend reading the Prequel Novella.  The Novella explains Luc’s traumatic childhood and helped me forgive his early actions against Adeline.

Told in both POV this story flows perfectly and there is a slight cliffhanger at the end but with the next book released there is no waiting.

Luc’s cousin is actually a favorite supporting character, he plays his role perfectly and I loved him when caring for Adeline after one intense scene.  This moment also acts as a catalyst for Luc to step up further.

Adeline grew in strength as the story evolved, it was interesting to watch her adapt to her surroundings.  She is a wonderful character and is easy to connect with.  Her upbringing was lonely with no affection and she escapes to books.

The few sexual scenes in this book were intense but this first book is more of the emotional game being played.

Keeping Her I could not put down, it is dark and definitely left of center. It was interesting to follow Luc who has so many issues.  The way he fell for this sheltered girl and wants her so badly.  They are two tortured souls that actually may find their repair with each other –  I cannot wait to see how their love story will play out.

Keeping Her (Keep Me #1)

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