Joanne Efendi

1          Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, hobbies, pets, etc).

I’m the mother of two wonderful (at times) boys. I am highly addicted to Facebook, it is my biggest weakness! I’m a procrastinator, but I’m also very driven to succeed. If I set my mind to do something I will do it, it just might take me a little longer to complete my goal! I’m a novice triathlete. I have completed an Olympic distance tri, but I’m currently only racing smaller races, as I don’t have the time to train for the longer distances (see above: Facebook addiction and procrastinator).

2          How did you get into writing and why romance?

I have always loved writing, in particular romance. I prefer the romance genre to any other genre (although paranormal romance is my fave! Vampires first and formost, then a hot Fae). Why Romance? Simply because I love a HEA. In high school I used to write short romance stories for girlfriends based on them and their crush. Sometimes I was conflicted when friends would ask me to write about them and their crush that would also happen to be the guy I was crushing on!! Awkward.

Writing is a passion, and I have always worked within the writing field, be it journalism or PR. But it wasn’t until my mid thirties that my passion for writing fiction returned and I wrote my first novel Illuminated Darkness, a YA Paranormal Romance.

3          Do you ever re-enact the sex scenes you write about?

All my character emotions and behaviors are based on personal experiences. Lets just leave it at that shall we.

4          Name a romance book or series you would love to see as a movie/TV Series.

The first that comes to mind is ‘The Black Dagger Brotherhood’ by JR Ward. Those Brothers mmmmm.

5          Have you ever read a book based solely on its cover?

No. But it’s always the cover that draws me in initially.

6          What is your ideal way to end a long day?

Quite time alone with a book, or if I’m not too tired, I’ll work on my WIP in bed until my eyes refuse to open.

7          Describe your ultimate holiday.

Bora Bora, on a private over water villa and personal chef.

8          Who is your favourite book boyfriend and why?

Oh this is a hard one! But I would have to say Wren from my book. Followed closely by Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse series aka True Blood. I just love me a hot vampire.

9          What turns you on and what turns you off?

I love a bad boy! Dark past and mysterious, with a rocking body, plus he has to be tall. I love a strong male character that knows his way around the bedroom and knows to how please. And vampires, see question 8. I’m not really into hardcore BDSM. Whips and chains and candle wax doesn’t do it for me.

10        Boxers or briefs?  Or commando???

I’m not picky. I’m a chest, abs and shoulder girl. If he’s built like Chris Hemsworth, it’s only going to end up on the floor anyway.

11        Who is on your top five “Freebie List”?

Chris Hemsworth –  Jared Leto –  Johnny Depp –  Jake Gyllenhaall –   Max Irons

12        You have a table booked for four in your favourite restaurant. Who would you invite to join you?

I’d have Jim Morrison next to me, Chris Hemsworth the other side (as his Norsegod character Thor), Jared Leto across from me. 

13        How can our readers connect with you?  Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, etc.