Jackson’s Destiny (Sawyer Brothers # 2)

By C.A. Harms

BR Jackson's Destiny


Shaken to his core, the loss was excruciating… 

Jackson Sawyer was strong, confident, cocky, and arrogant, but when he loved, he loved hard. 

The Sawyer family was faced with a tragedy that rocked their foundation. Jackson, however, was hit the hardest. He’s the one who can’t seem to rise above the grief. 

It has overtaken him… 

Until he finds Bailey Whitmore. She also has a darkness she just can’t shake. Yet she hides it well—tucking her sadness away, and shadowing it with a spunky attitude. 

But those demons have a way of showing up when you least expect it… 

Love is intense. 

Loss is inevitable. 

Pain and anger are unavoidable. 

Will they find the strength to rebuild their tainted hearts together? 

Or will it go against…Jackson’s Destiny?


JACKSON’S DESTINY is a very quick read that takes place immediately after RYAN’S LOVE.  The Sawyer family is rocked by another tragedy, with Jackson hit the hardest out of the three brothers.  Bailey understands what he’s going through given she experienced a similar loss a few years before.  One that tore her entire family apart.  In the aftermath of this tragedy, Jackson realises it’s time for him to grow up and knows that Bailey is the woman he wants by his side.

We met Jackson and Bailey in book 1 and they flirted up a storm, but Jackson had a reputation as a ladies man and Bailey was looking for something more meaningful.  When an unwelcome visitor arrives in town, her presence stirs up some very strong emotions in Bailey that Jackson uses to his advantage.  Jackson is the kind of guy that has it all: a hot body that he knows how to use; a dominating personality that works very well both in and out of the bedroom; and a cheekiness that shows off his playful side.

JACKSON’S DESTINY is a novella and while novellas are meant to be quick, this is another story from C.A. Harms that felt too rushed.  Despite every emotional issue Jackson and Bailey had to overcome, they did so at a very quick pace.  The drama, the angst, the sadness, all of it is resolved or gotten over almost immediately.  There was no real buildup to sink my teeth into and I think I would have enjoyed it more had the emotional issues been fleshed out more.  We got a glimpse into Noah’s past love life which will obviously form his story in book 3.  It looks like all three brothers have to experience great suffering before they’re able to find their HEAs.

Jackson’s Destiny (Sawyer Brothers # 2)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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