Immortal Envy (Immortal Obsession Book 1)

By A.D. Justice



Two brothers.
Best friends.
One woman – the subject of their mutual obsession, but for very different reasons.
The end result will change the New York City vampire clan forever.
Immortals can hold a grudge for a very long time.


Immortal Envy is a story of obsession, love, and betrayal.  Ramses and Slade are vampires and bothers who have spent an eternity together watching out for one another.  Their bond seemingly unbreakable.  Ramses has a problem with his obsessive side that they deal with when he can’t control it.

Immortal Envy starts in the late 1700s and we find that Alea is being put into a difficult situation because women didn’t have any freedom to go against their families wishes.  Her father feels that he is doing the best for her but when the opportunity to go to America with her parents, she takes it.

Both brothers have built a loyal clan of vampires around them and they have both developed an obsessive need for Alea.  One bother will do anything to protect her and the other bother will do anything to possess her.

I couldn’t put this book down.  Immortal Envy had captured my attention immediately.  Unfortunately I can’t share too much about the story because it would give spoilers away.  Each part of the story leads to a new detail that shapes the world around Ramses, Slade and Alea.  I enjoyed the way A. D. Justice has described the obsessive nature of vampires.  If not keep under control it will have a decent into madness.

Immortal Envy

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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