Immortal Flame (Hell to Pay One)

By Jillian David

immortal flame

Immortal Flame I consumed in two days – this was such an enjoyable read.

Peter and Allison simply ignite when together, I have to say when they first kissed I was moved beyond words, I stopped and had to tweet the author, the way it was written and the connection was simply scorching – I have not read a first kiss like that in a long time.  The way these two characters communicated not only through the physical connection but the emotional/paranormal way was just really beautiful, I understood Allison’s gift and how Peter could help her.  Her pain I could feel in the pages as each word communicated to me her gift and how it impacted on her – really impressive I thought.

As you know I am not a big paranormal reader but Peter and Allison connected with me and I honestly could continue reading another 200 pages about them.  I searched after finishing this and note that the next book in this series is about Dante (Peter’s friend) who is having a romance of his own so I do hope we perhaps hear about characters in this book again.  Dante was actually one character I really found endearing and loyal and I will be looking for this book and have added to my Goodreads list.

Now one part of this story I simply loved was Allison and her dog Ivy, I am a dog lover and the relationship she had with this beautiful creature was wonderful, their companionship and Ivy’s characteristics and wagging tail made me laugh and gave some light moments in a sometimes dark and scary tale.

So I can honestly recommend this book, if you are looking for a beautiful romantic story, with paranormal passion, dark characters & usual suspense this will not disappoint. Just a quick warning there is some violence in this novel that is quite graphic but in the context of the story I found exciting and important to the storyline.

Immortal Flame (Hell to Pay One)

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