Hunger: An Energy Vampire Novel #2

By Jacquelyn Frank


As an energy vampire, Halo enjoys the chase for human blood—if it’s pure and consensual. But Halo goes from hunter to hunted when he is knocked unconscious and taken hostage by vicious sycophants. As he comes to, he realizes that he’s naked, starving, and trapped in a sealed room. With him is a deliciously human female, tempting him to feed—except her blood is heady with the scent of poisonous drugs. Never has nourishment been so near, yet so far . . . and it’s all part of the sycophants’ sick game.

The last thing Felice Mendoza remembers is everything going black. She awakens stripped, drugged, exposed, and alone—with a vampire. Halo is at once savage and tender, terrifying and alluring. Felice senses that her only chance to escape depends upon his survival. Given the choice between Halo and his enemies, Felice surrenders to his ravenous hunger. It’s a calculated risk—and a delirious pleasure. As Felice is ushered into a world as dangerous as it is desirable, their fight for deliverance is only the beginning.


In Hunger: An Energy Vampire Novel, we get to know Halo.  He finds himself kidnapped and and taken hostage.  He doesn’t know why he’s been taken or why he is still alive. But he does know that he only has a few days of energy left before he has to feed again.

Felice finds herself in a similar situation. But she is human. She is poisoned and given to Halo to feed off of.

This book is different from the first installment.  About the first 60 percent of the book takes place in a room where Halo and Felice are forced to get to know each other.  This is a great way for us to figure out what these characters were made of.  I really liked Halo’s never give up style and he was able to get strength from Felice.  Felice is smart and puts up a great front to show how much strength she really has. I also think that helped Halo really see the people who were already around him and that he isn’t alone in the world.

This story also had a good mystery to it.  I really liked how all was revealed in the end. I also liked that we are getting see what are the real motives of the phants are and that there might be a power struggle starting with them.

Hunger: An Energy Vampire Novel

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