His Secretary: Undone (A Novel Deception # 1)

By Melanie Marchande

BR His Secretary Undone

I finished His Secretary: Undone a couple of days ago and have read a novella series since then so unfortunately this book isn’t exactly fresh in my memory.

His Secretary: Undone is an interesting story.  We have Meghan, a secretary to CEO and billionaire Adrian, who she absolutely hates, but also kinda likes because he’s gorgeous.  While searching for a book on how to deal with a horrible boss, she stumbles across an erotic book about a CEO dominating his secretary.  After reading a sample, she’s hooked.  She quickly reads all the books in the series and starts corresponding with the author, Natalie McBride, explaining how the fictional CEO (Dirk) reminds her of her own boss and how miserable he’s made her for the past five years.  Despite never meeting Natalie, she feels a friendship form as the pair continue to email one another.  Meghan gets the shock of her life when Adrian insists she must attend a book tour pretending to be Natalie in order to keep her job.  Why?  Well it’s obvious isn’t it?  Because Adrian is Natalie.

Shocked???  Well, you shouldn’t be.  That little tidbit is in the synopsis.

So let’s talk characters.

Adrian.  I loved him and I hated him.  Well, hate’s probably not the right word.  He frustrated me.  This is a man who is a CEO.  He’s a billionaire.  He’s a take charge kind of guy and many (except Meghan) quiver in fear when having to deal with him.  When they start their sexual relationship, he dominates her in a way I found quite exciting.  Yet, after almost every encounter, he turns back into Prick CEO, leaving her hurt and confused as to the status of their relationship.  This is a man who has wanted her for five years, and as soon as he gets her he doesn’t know what to do with her?  I just don’t understand why a man would deliberately hurt the woman he’s in like/love with because he’s scared of his own feelings.  He can be with her and be happy, or he can be alone and miserable.  Seems like an easy and logical choice to me, but then I am female and men can be stupid sometimes.  By the end of the book he redeemed himself and was very sweet and committed, going after what he wanted with determination, while still keeping his dominating edge.  Yum!

Meghan.  I liked her and yet she annoyed me.  She says she stays at a job she hates, one that makes her cry, because the economy is bad.  I think she just liked being miserable.  No way is the economy that bad that she couldn’t have tried looking for another job.  She never tried once.  Yet she found a new job quick enough after being let go.  And what’s up with that?  She should have sued Adrian’s ass for unlawful dismissal.  While ‘At Work’ Meghan annoyed me, I liked ‘At Home’ Meghan and how she didn’t let her size worry her too much.  Sure, there were some times she commented on it (like when she was trying to figure out why a man looking like Adrian would be interested in a woman looking like her), but she didn’t wallow in misery because of it.  In general she embraced her size and made no apologies about it.  You go girl!  I also liked how she finally stood up for herself and told Adrian off.

I thought this was a stand-alone, but after checking out Melanie’s website, apparently there’ll be another book continuing on with Adrian and Meg’s story.  To be honest though, I don’t know how it could go any further as they both got their HEA.  However, I can see Adrian and Meghan becoming a book writing/PA duo attending book tours together.

Overall, I liked story but I probably wouldn’t read it again.  Will I read book 2?  I’m not sure yet.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see how the story sounds.

My rating:

3 Hearts

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