His Billion Dollar Baby

By Lea Nolan

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Burned by love and grieving over his brother’s death, sexy billionaire CEO Carter Anderson wants nothing more than to protect his family. So when beautiful and unassuming physical therapist Gwen Radley shows up at the funeral, pregnant with his brother’s baby, Carter’s certain she wants an interest in the Anderson empire–and both his suspicion and attraction grow when circumstances force Gwen to move into his family’s mansion.

An orphan, Gwen’s never wanted anything more than a family, and she finds in the Andersons a place she and her baby might belong. When Gwen’s therapy expertise leads to long hours of intense, late-night collaboration on a lucrative project, the attraction between her and Carter leads to a night of white-hot passion. But Carter’s distrust remains, leading them both to wonder if he will ever embrace his brother’s baby–or the love that’s blooming between them.


Doing something she’d never done before, Gwen indulged in a one-night-stand with a former patient before he was deployed.  That one night resulted in a pregnancy, but Ben was killed in action before finding out he’d fathered a child.  Preparing to raise the baby on her own, she attends his funeral to slip a photo of their unborn child in his coffin, but when she bumps into his very wealthy family, her secret is revealed.  Ben’s parents couldn’t be happier because a piece of him will live on.  But his older brother, Carter, doesn’t believe Ben fathered the child and that Gwen is nothing more than a gold-digger looking for a pay day.

Carter is your classic billionaire playboy; his wife cheated on him so he has vowed to never love another woman again while sleeping with as many women as he can since they separated.  Because of his cheating ex, he believes all women are exactly like her, i.e. gold-digging whores.  I understand being cautious with Gwen and the situation, but he was downright cruel to her at times because he was blinded by his past.  He ended up redeeming himself, but his character bored me because I’ve read several characters just like him before.

I loved Gwen and thought she was unbelievably sweet and genuine.  She’s been given so very little over the course of her life and yet she’s so generous to those around her.  While Ben’s family is very wealthy, it’s not their money she wants but rather just to be a part of their family.  She was strong enough to walk away when Carter hurt her and smart enough to really make him work for her forgiveness.

HIS BILLION DOLLAR BABY was a very nice and enjoyable read.  I though the story was very sweet and if you can get over the agonising billionaire, I think you’ll love it.

His Billion Dollar Baby

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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