Her Journey (Her Series 2)

By Rachael Orman

her journey


I’m the President of the Tormented Souls and if there is one thing I hate, it’s women. They are needy and only good for one thing. Spreading their legs. Not even the sweet little thing my sister brings around can change my opinion.

When I agreed to be a surrogate, I didn’t realize all that would come with it. I wasn’t raised around big, tatted up men who treat women like they are nothing and I refuse to stand to be treated that way. Wrench and I don’t get along, but we are stuck together. Something must give.

**WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT. If vulgar language or explicit, naughty sex bothers you, please pass. Also expect a hard headed man and a stubborn woman. There is blood and violence as well.**


HER JOURNEY  was one story I was so looking forward to, I wanted to meet the lady who would give  Wrench a run for his money and did we get that.  Melia was strong, stubborn, independent but also without herself really understanding she also needed to find herself a family.  I think her mother must have seen something special in Dirty and Ryan to support her choice in helping them.

What I did not expect was the incredible story of Melia and Wrench and their connection and then the ultimate passionate need they each fulfilled in each other.  I really do suggest reading book 1 to enjoy Dirty and Ryan’s story and you will also understand Wrench a little bit more as you may find him very rough around the edges, he does have a soft centre when it comes to his sister but he is also a biker running the club.

We got some amazing hot and steamy sex scenes in HER JOURNEY, you will not be disappointed at all.  I also loved returning to the crew of bikers and their family, the best thing is no girl drama in this story from the skanky girls.  The scenes towards the end are exciting and heartbreaking and really flowed well.  I loved how Melia repaired herself after the traumatic scenes as it really made sense to me for her character to have that time out and also for Wrench to get his shit together and go all alpha male when the time was right.  Funny thing was most of his brothers in the biker group had already figured out what took Wrench a little bit longer to know himself.

Great series and look forward to reading more.

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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