Her Billionaire Bosses: A Menage Romance

By Samantha Twinn


My bosses like to share everything and now they’ve set their sights on me…

I love my job and am good at what I do. I’m on the cusp of reaching my dreams, but when my path literally collides with my bosses, everything changes.

Leo and Asher are titans of industry, but I have something they need.

When they offer me a job to work on a special project, I know it’s the break I’ve been waiting for, but I’m nervous. I’ve heard the rumors about them. They do everything together…in the office and in the bedroom.

They’re magnetic; gorgeous, intelligent, powerful. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, times two.

I’ve worked hard to build what I have so I’m determined to keep things strictly professional, but with every look, every stray touch, I fall a deeper under their spell.

And I know if I give them everything they want I’m going to risk everything I have.


HER BILLIONAIRE BOSSES is a quick read that involves Leo and Asher, two long-time friends and business partners, who like to share women and the next woman they set their sights on is Rose, their employee.

HER BILLIONAIRE BOSSES was an ok read, but not one I’d feel inclined to read again.  The threesome scenes were definitely hot, but there were only a handful of them, if that.  The relationship, from beginning to conflict to resolution to end, was predictable and has been done before.  However, the suspense side of the story towards the end was unexpected.

HER BILLIONAIRE BOSSES is told in the POV of all three main characters and is a stand-alone.

Her Billionaire Bosses: A Menage Romance

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