Healing Melody

by Ozlo & Priya Grey

healing melody


His Touch Makes Me Forget My Scars…

I had everything: looks, money, adoring fans all over the world. In a split-second, everything changed.

Now, I’m a prisoner in my own home, scared to face the world. Then one fateful night I meet him. Kade’s tough, fearless, and knows the meaning of the word loss. He’s also sexy as hell. When our worlds collide, neither one of us will be the same.

I’m a fighter. I have the scars to prove it, not just from the war, but from inside the ring too. And although we come from two different worlds, Melody’s scars run just as deep. After everything I’ve lost, it’s hard to keep fighting. But then Melody gives me a reason.

My Review

I am torn, whilst Melody has the main stage and is centre of this story so to speak,  I really connected with Kade from the beginning more than I did with her.

I have thought on my review for a few days and I think it was probably because Melody ultimately was scarred and had underlying issues and she did struggle with self worth and was quite depressed for half the book so I am thinking that is probably why it took me longer to feel emotion for her.  I found myself looking forward to Kade and how he was going to help Melody and I was not disappointed.  He was very black and white in his life view and Melody was definitely more shades of grey and yes she was the creative force in the end.

When Melody finally realises there is more to her than what is on the outside and she starts to find her way I was totally with her and I really did enjoy how Kade and her relationship developed over the book.

So fair warning this is not a happy hearts and flowers type of romance, it is sad, painful, quite lonely at times but it is worth taking the journey with these two characters.

This is my first story by these authors and I wonder if they write together or they pick a character each and entwine the story particularly at the start as it definitely felt like two stories entwining into one, perhaps that is how they wanted it to appear before they joined the two characters in a partnership to help heal the other.

I was provided a copy by the authors for an honest review.

Healing Melody

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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